Danish Filmmaker to Direct Sam Raimi-Produced 'Dibbuk Box'

HollywoodReporter:"Award- winning Danish filmmaker Ole Bornedal has been given the key to direct Dibbuk Box, a horror thriller from Lionsgate that Sam Raimi and his Ghost House partner Rob Tapert are producing.Lionsgate is putting the pedal to the metal on Box, hoping to begin production in January 2011.

The film is in the vein of The Exorcist or The Shining, based on real events that transpired after a family wound up in possession of a haunted box, setting off a harrowing struggle to rid themselves of the box's evil curse."

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Soldierone4233d ago

I know Sam Raimi is nothing more than a producer here, but his name kinda went to shame with Spiderman 3. Ever since then its like he has been falling during an uphill struggle. His latest horror films didnt do well and failed to impress, then his other projects just arent picking up steam.

People think he is the king of horror for some reason, so this could be interesting none the less.

Kiri4232d ago

I think sam raimi is the greatest director ever, spiderman 3 was nothing more than a hiccup

Soldierone4232d ago

To be honest I liked Spiderman alot, but it also showed how he was a developing director and should stay focused in his horror genre. Purely because Spiderman 3 showed he cant develop alot of characters in one movie, and he is only good at building up tense moments and releiving people with suprises.

Im kinda glad he stepped away from Spiderman and is now more focues on horror. He is an ok director, nothing more.

JL4232d ago

Greatest director ever? Wow, I just have to STRONGLY disagree with that one. That's an insanely bold claim when you look back at people like Hitchcock, Kubrick, Coppola, Spielberg, Scorsese, Woody Allen....even modern directors like Tarantino, Nolan, Aronofsky, Coen Brothers, Fincher, Mendes. I can name MANY that are much better directors than Raimi. Like Soldier said: he is an ok director...nothing more.

That being said, I actually didn't hate Spider-man 3 as much as most seemed to have hated it. Granted it was probably the worst of the 3 in my eyes, but I still enjoyed it well enough.

darklordzor4232d ago

Yeah greatest director ever is a stretch, but I admit that he's one of the people I choose to follow. I loved the spider-man movies, but I will say that the 3rd film wasn't his fault. If you blame anyone, blame the studios for forcing the Venom change into the script. Raimi clearly showed he could handle character building from the first couple films, but the studios involvement threw him off.

I don't think he should focus on horror, because he's not really a horror director, he's a comedy director. Honestly, if anything he should stick to that. JUst look at the Evil Dead movies or even his latest horror Drag Me to Hell and you'll understand.

Soldierone4232d ago

Raimi is a comedy director? lol I never saw him like that, probably because i didnt know he directing the comedies he did. However he obviously doesn;t have interest in that because when he got thrown off Spiderman he went to horror and has been there since. He has WoW but he needs to stick to one gun and learn how to use it.

I liked Spiderman like stated, but you cant blame the Venom thing for the problems. Its what people wanted and he kept pushing it aside. He could of still developed the characters better to say the least.

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darklordzor4232d ago

It's very sad to me that that one movie has brought him so low. Now almost no one takes him serious despite how well he's done in the past. Now that last spidey movie is all they associate with him.

Soldierone4232d ago

Well Im not entirely basing it off that. I own Spiderman 3 and have watched it several times, i somewhat enjoy it, but you cant ignore the directional flaws.

However watch the other two and you see even more directional flaws. Like the first one is very ameturish and it shouldnt be since its not his first movie. The second one is my personal favorite, I think he did better with that than anything he has done.