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Steven Spielberg to Direct 'Robopocalypse' Adaptation

HollywoodReporter:"Steven Spielberg will direct an adaptation of Robopocalypse for DreamWorks and Disney, the companies announced Friday.

The epic post-apocalyptic feature is based on the novel by Daniel H. Wilson. Cloverfield writer Drew Goddard penned the screenplay."

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Soldierone4225d ago

Dreamworks and don't hear that combo everyday...Wonder if Pixar has anything to say about this. The two start working even closer and something major could be happening soon.

Always have to remember Dreamworks is indipendant like Pixar once was.

JL4224d ago

Indeed that is an unusual pairing. Does make you wonder how Pixar feels about it, bit betrayed or something? Afterall, Dreamworks is the closest thing you can call to competition for Pixar.

Soldierone4224d ago

At the same time this could be nothing more than visual effects, something Pixar never jumped into and something DreamWorks excels at.

However a Dreamworks/Disney animated film might add fuel to the fire.

Soldierone4224d ago

Pixar did say the big eff you to Disney, but ended up being purchased by them in the end. They are now a disney brand. At least Disney has quality standards and is one of the best companies out there.