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The PAM-10: Best Micro-Budget Films

Player Affinity writes: "For all aspiring filmmakers, ultra-low budget films are a way in -- the one sliver of light that cuts though the dark of big-budget Hollywood. Even more than that, tackling your own financing gives the creative freedom that ultimately catapults many filmmakers to a much more prestigious status. Though these ultimately flawed films are not everyone’s cup of tea, so to speak, the impact some of the features on this list have had to their respective genres is undeniable. In honor of the release of two tiny-budgeted films over the next two weeks, Paranormal Activity 2 and Monsters, Player Affinity is running down the very best of no-budget filmmaking."

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Soldierone4607d ago

Clerks 2 was way better than Clerks, I dont know if it had a larger budget thus making it hard to get on this list or not. If im not mistaken Hot Rod was also a low budet film that should be on this list.

I personally hated Napoleon Dymonmite and hate the actor, he is not good at all.

darklordzor4607d ago

Agreed, I never got why so many people loved this film. The actor was okay, but the story and direction sucked.

SlaughterMeister4606d ago

Yet, it was hilarious. How can you not laugh when he tosses that toy out the window and drags it behind the bus?

Soldierone4606d ago

It wasn't funny to me at all. I watched it just to see why everyone was going crazy about it and it sucked. I didn't laugh one time, and was more frustrated by the guys lame mono tone voice than anything. He is like a rip of Beavis and Butthead lol.

JL4606d ago

I too wasn't as impressed with Napoleon as others seemed to be. I mean it was alright and had its moments that made me laugh, but it wasn't nearly as hilarious as hype would have had you believe.

That being said, I don't exactly hate Jon Heder, and he can be decent enough at times even.

By the way, yes Clerks 2 was definitely better than the first Clerks, which is something you can rarely say (sequel being better than it's predecessor). However, I did still like Clerks (1) as well. I will tell you though, the budget was reportedly $5,000,000 for Clerks too, so I'd say that definitely doesn't allow it to constitute as "micro-budget".

darklordzor4607d ago

I didn't know Halloween had that small of a budget. Very interesting to know that one of the biggest horror icons now started off that way. Mad Max is a good one on here, as is El Mariachi, and Living Dead.

I don't think Blair Witch should have been #1. It was okay, and good at the time, but the film hasn't aged very well. The others have mostly stood the test of time (couple haven't been out long enough to know).

JL4607d ago

Yea, Halloween was original a very low budget indie film. It still stands as one of the most profitable indie films ever. And the franchise is arguably my favorite horror franchise of all time.

I hated Blair Witch. Didn't get the hype at all.

Soldierone4606d ago

Most indie film makers make it big through the horror genre so its not really suprising to me that much. Plus didnt Rob Zombie make this one, so most of the money came out of his pocket. He is a great film maker, which is somewhat Ironic to me lol.

Blair Witch is on there just because it was the first to do what the trend is today, handy cam. Other than that it was nothing more than a fun movie.

darklordzor4606d ago

The list is talking about the original Halloween film, what Rob Zombie did was a remake and had a much bigger budget than this (and the studio were the ones who paid for it).

I disagress about most indie filmmakers breaking into the biz through horror. While a few have, I wouldn't say most. Many of them got their breaks doing dramas that played well in festivals, and then moved on to the big leagues. Most film fests aren't about horror, they're about drama or even fantasy type movies. Just look at Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine, Science of Sleep and Be Kind Rewind). He did some fantastical films. and now is getting the chance at something more mainstream in directing the Green Hornet.

JL4606d ago (Edited 4605d ago )

I would seriously doubt the Halloween on this list is Rob Zombie's Halloween (I can't view PlayerAffinity for some reason, so I can't tell). That one cost $15,000,000 to make. Just no way. And there's no way you can put Zombie's Halloween above the original either. The original even cost much much less ($320,000..yes that's three-hundred twenty thousand).

And to clarify, I'm not bashing Zombie's Halloween. I enjoyed it and liked the reimagining he did. But it still didn't compare to the original. Also, Dimension came to Rob about the movie, so I'd say they paid for most of it, not him. And to point out, I definitely have enjoyed his work in the horror genre so far.

SlaughterMeister4606d ago

Seriously, that movie is terrible.

You want a good movie? Watch The Road Warrior...featuring The Great Humongous and his strange arm movements.

Soldierone4606d ago

Why did you hate Mad Max? I liked it, thought it was decent to say the very least.

darklordzor4606d ago

Yeah but if it weren't for Mad Max there would have never been a Road Warrior, since you know, that was the sequel. It wasn't a great movie, but for an indie film, it hit some very key points. It's a cult classic so it's not for everyone.