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Paranormal Activity 2 Smashes Watchmen's Midnight Box Office Record With Massive $6.3 Million Haul

Paranormal Activity 2 smashed the midnight record in theaters last night, taking in $6.3 million, easily surpassing Watchmen's $4.6 million total, who was the previous record-holder.

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darklordzor4225d ago

Hmm....Now it's just time to wait and see if those numbers will hold up. If people didn't like it, they'll be a big crash over the weekend on it. Congrats to it though. Coming from an indie film to a record making franchise is pretty impressive.

Soldierone4225d ago

And from what I'm hearing this one is doing better than the first because the quality is stepped up and actually scaring people in certain instances.

The only complaints im hearing is from reviewers, that are saying its a clone of the first with no improvement. Dont know, still debating if ill see it or not. I still expect it to break 30 mill.

darklordzor4225d ago

Yeah, that prediction we saw tossed about earlier will more than likely be smashed wide open. The quality is much better. I still encourage you to check it out on your own to see.

Soldierone4225d ago

I was debating it all day with my GF and we decided we will be checking it out tomorrow. If it turns out to be just as bad as the first one we are sneaking our way into Jackass 3 instead haha.

Soldierone4224d ago

So I just finished watching it. Im now a huge fan of this franchise! haha the second one is million times better than the first one.

Box office predictions will also be broken, it still had lines and packed theaters tonight.

darklordzor4224d ago

LOL! Glad you finally decided to go. Sometimes you just have to see for yourself and oftentimes you get surprised with the result. Glad you enjoyed it and are now a fan. But as a franchise I don't know where they can go next.

Yep, box office predictions will be totally smashed.

Soldierone4223d ago

Really? I was so ad that they did a prequal and "answered" questions instead of a second, but i totally understand why. They used the theatrical ending of the first and lead right up to the first movie, and showed a little bit after.

To me its obviousy where the third film will be going based on reading the text, but technicly speaking there is a crap ton of options for them to choose from now. Not just for the third but possibly a 4th and 5th too. It was genius lol.

darklordzor4222d ago

I guess there are a few possibilites, but with that alternate ending on the first one a sequel would be weird. I guess what I'm saying is that it seems like the story of Katie has now been told. Anywhere they go next wouldn't really be able to incorporate her without seeming cheesy or forced.

For me, that's when a series ends; when the story they set out to tell is completely told.