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Liam Neeson To Replace Mel Gibson In 'Hangover 2'

Just after it's announced the Mel Gibson won't be making a cameo in the upcoming Hangover sequel, Liam Neeson has confirmed that he's been contacted to take Mel's place. He'll be doing the same role as Gibson was planned for: a tattoo artist.

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darklordzor4236d ago

Well that didn't take them very long to do. It's barely been 24hours. I guess with filming going on, they'd have to work quick to get it covered. Should be pretty fun to see Neeson in a role like this.

Soldierone4236d ago

Wow, I was somewhat happy that they made a big creative decision then I read this. I rather have them work things out with Mel and keep him on board now.

darklordzor4236d ago

HA! Neeson can do it. Besides, this is really just a small cameo role, with nothing incredibly major. Hell it might only be a few lines, and they just wanted someone well known to play the part instead of a random actor.

Soldierone4236d ago

Im a Mel Gibson fan, I just didn't want this film to be nothing but big camo roles and stupid humor. I want it to be better than the first film, but since they are dedicated to giving this part to someone famous I want Mel back lol.

darklordzor4235d ago

LOL. I see what you're saying. In the grand scheme of things though, I don't think the role will be that big. It won't be like Tyson's role or anything. Just something that's there for fans to jump at.