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IGN UK: Paranormal Activity 2 Review

IGN:"Video cameras? Check. Spooky noises? Check. Vague gubbins about demons? Correct and present. Annoying characters with slightly wooden acting? Hello, sir. Yes, 2009's low-budget, hype-tastic horror-phenomenon Paranormal Activity is back, to once again make us stare furiously at a static screen and then freak out at the odd rattle of saucepans.

Happily, Paranormal Activity 2 successfully bucks the sucky sequel trend (and even chucks in some basement-related fun to boot) being just as effective as the original - mainly by being a straight carbon copy of it."

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Soldierone3990d ago

This is what I was afraid of. Being the same thing as the first with a few added perks. Now I dont think I will see it.

they had the excuse of being first time movie makers and indie film makers with the first one. This one needed to step up and bring new technques. I think I may pass on it now, not sure.

darklordzor3990d ago

I think the best thing you can do is try it for yourself. I've seen so many different reviews for this film, it's crazy. Some say it's the same as the last, some say it's totally different, some good, some bad. It's hard to listen to them all, so I'd say just see it for yourself, or if you're really on the fence, just wait for the DVD.

Soldierone3990d ago

The trailers had me interested, but I went and made the mistake of watching the first yesterday and it made me on the fense. Now reviews, like you stated, are not helping.

Im just taking my GF out tonight and I cant decide if she will enjoy this or if i should take her to something else.