Ryan Reynolds Promises Borderline R Deadpool

CinemaBlend: "If you managed to catch our Deadpool script review before it was pulled off the Internet under threat of legal action, you've already heard about what a solid script it is, and a perfect vehicle for Ryan Reynolds to become an even bigger star. Now that our review has been pulled, though, we're relying once again on random quotes from the star to learn about the movie."

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Soldierone4227d ago

I think it will be a killer movie and you can actually get away with alot more these days in a PG 13 film than you used to. It shouldnt be hard to keep this one under the rated R spectrum. If it does go that far, it won't do well at all.

darklordzor4227d ago

But this all still depends on whether or not he will return. With WB keeping him busy on Green Lantern and it's sequel, he might not get the chance to go back. Personally I would like him to definitely stick to one superhero character. While he's great in either role, it looks a little weird to have him playing two heroes instead of one. And good luck trying to explain that one to the younger kiddos.

Soldierone4227d ago

His face should only be shown a little bit in this one though and it should look differnt than normal. Otherwise he should be wearing a mask to cover most of it up. So it should be fine.

Still a bit funny that he is both characters though.

darklordzor4227d ago

Yeah but they didn't do that in Wolverine. He didn't have his normal costume in it. Does that mean he would in this film? I haven't heard if that's the case. If so, then it might not be an issue.

Soldierone4227d ago

I think its because it wasn't his story. that and he did have a mask when he finally turned into Deadpool didn't he?

I think a story more driven based on him is going to make them focus on costume more and hide his face alot more. Its not going to be like spiderman where they want him to take his mask off constantly just to see his face.

darklordzor4227d ago

I just wasn't sure. I wasn't sure if they had addressed the costume issue much. Though if they're bringing in Reynolds, they'll undoubtedly want to show off his face a bit in this film. Could be interesting though to have a whole film where the superhero isn't ever actually seen. Just in his mask...kind of like V for Vendetta.

Soldierone4227d ago

I think you will see him leading up to becoming Deadpool, but you wont see his face once he becomes Deadpool. Thats just the way I would go with it and the way stories have gone with it. Hopefully he does talk more though, since thats what Reynolds is good at.

darklordzor4225d ago

But since you saw him as Deadpool in the Wolverine movie, I don't think they'd go that route. He's already established as that character, so they would only move forward. Besides, him as Deadpool is where he wore the mask the most.

If they go with him wearing the mask the whole time, then there's not even a point to Reynolds playing the part. Get a stunt double and get it done. If the filmmakers are pulling for him so hard, it's not because they want to cover up his face the whole time.

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That_Genius4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

Ehhh in Canada we have a rating between PG13 and R...its called 14A. And surprisingly Harold And Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay didn't get an R rating. It's probably cause Canada doesn't care so much about the nudity in the movie and cares more about the violence...where in America its usually the other way around.

Isn't that a b**ch move though its 18+ to get into R rated movies in Canada... =(

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