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'Jackass 3D' Guys Reveal What Might Make '3.5' DVD

From MTV:

"Hot off the record-breaking success of "Jackass 3D," the question on a lot of minds is: How long will fans have to wait for more "Jackass"? The short answer, according to Johnny Knoxville and director Jeff Tremaine, is "not too long."

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darklordzor4362d ago

Well I guess this kind of settles what we were discussing earlier about this possibility. Even though it's coming to DVD they're still saying they might try and do a re-release before Christmas with all of the extra footage. At this point I say just keep it on the DVD and don't worry about a re-release. It'd be too soon, because by Christmas time the original might still be in some theaters. Who knows?

Soldierone4362d ago

I get to say "I called it" here lol

a Re-release is a bad idea unless it comes out early next year. Not only is it too soon, but look at all the other movies coming out this year from now till Christmas. Its too full.

darklordzor4362d ago

Yeah we were just talking about this before, and decided they should just do it on the DVD/BD release. Christmas just seems so soon to re-release something that came out only a couple months prior. Why not do it in January to coincide with the DVD release?

Soldierone4362d ago

If its going to happen, which it most likely wont, its going to happen in January without a doubt. That or it will have special limited release later.

darklordzor4362d ago

I'm thinking limited release. When you said that, it seemed to make the most sense. I'm just glad they are pushing it as a 3.5 and not saying this is some sort of Jackass 4.

allysaurus874362d ago

Jackass 3D was hilarious so anything more from them is good news to me. :)