Shakefire: Hereafter Review

Clint Eastwood has tackled many things in his career of film. He's been a cowboy, an outlaw, and a cranky old racist with a heart of gold. He's also an acclaimed director of such films as Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino and Invictus. But how does Eastwood hold up against a drama about the after-life and how others deal with death? Surprisingly, it's a bit of a disappointment.

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Soldierone3196d ago

I dont know what to think. In a way I think this is why they didn't market the film at all, in another way I think it boils down to taste. If these movies dont get to you then they fail in your eyes. If they do get to you then you think its the greatest movie ever made.

Charlie St Cloud and Them Bones had mixed reviews. It depends if your going as a viewer and getting involved, or if your going as a reviewer and not really paying attention.

Kiri3196d ago

Yes. This is one of those movies that's "you either love it or hate it." It's hard to imagine anyone to have a middle ground for this.

Soldierone3196d ago

I may have to try it out for myself this evening. Im debating between this and Paranormal Activity 2.

Kiri3196d ago

The debate isn't needed. Go with Paranormal Activity 2.

darklordzor3196d ago

That's pretty definitive then for an answer lol

darklordzor3196d ago

Hmmm...The more reviews I've seen for this movie, the worse it seems to get. I've yet to hear anything really positive on it, which seems like a rare miss for Eastwood. I was really looking forward to it, and will still probably catch it, but this is getting disheartening.

Soldierone3195d ago

I was really close to seeing it but people were saying it was rather boring and then the reviews started killing it fast. I watched it drop like 15 percent on my phone when i was browing my movie app haha. PA2 went up like 5 percent as the night progressed.

Its kinda sad to see an eastwood film do this, that and even Matt Damon is in it and yet this movie might as well call itself indie because no one knows about it. The only issue I have is tht Eastwood loved dialogue, and this film is more than capable of being nothing but dialogue, so im afraid.