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James Cameron Reunites With 'Avatar' Producer for 'Fantastic Voyage'

HollywoodReporter:"Laeta Kalogridis, who worked with James Cameron on Avatar, is reuniting with the filmmaker for Fantastic Voyage. Kalogridis has been tapped for rewrite duties on Fox's remake of the 1966 sci-fi classic that Cameron is producing.

The long-in-development project has seen Shane Salerno and Cormac and Marianne Wibberly among the scribes who have attempted to tackle the script. Paul Greengrass also flirted with the project this year but never committed.

Voyage revolves around a team of scientists who are shrunk to atomic size and sent in a miniature submarine inside the body of a scientist to save his life."

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Soldierone4226d ago

Oh he is Producer, so this will be more than a visual show off lol. Hopefully. There is alot to tell here, and hopefully its not just another Disney knockoff haha.

darklordzor4225d ago

LOL...So much Cameron hate. Cameron just seems to keep adding more and more to his plate now. It's interesting, he takes off for a decade and then starts making his next film (Avatar) and now that he's back, he seems to have his hand in everything. He's a busy man.

Soldierone4225d ago

I think it will bite him in the butt if he isn't careful. I think Avatar did so well mainly because he was gone and he advertised "its the next big film since Titantic"

You can only use Avatar to advertise so far.

darklordzor4225d ago

Well, Avatar did have a whole lot of hype behind it. And whether you like it or not, it was a big deal. So for the masses, that advertising will work for quite some time. Not for everyone of course, but for many. At this point though, other films will still have to be good in order to continue making money. That and Avatar made most of it's money from repeat viewers. You can't make that much in the box office without having several people going back to see it more than once.

Soldierone4225d ago

No thats what I'm saying. He took his time with it and advertised his absense as a way for the film to be good. Stating "oh ive been working on it since, you know that big film that leads box office, Titanic"

This will lead to "from the director of Avatar" on his films. If the next one isn't good they will still use Avatar. And just like Predetors, his crummy film wont be noticed and he will still use Avatar to advertise things. He is already doing it by saying his 3D projects will use the technology behind Avatar.