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Red Band Trailer: I Love You Phillip Morris

Couch Potato Club:
Roadside Attractions has, today, released a new red band trailer for the indie comedy I Love You Phillip Morris. The movie stars Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor as gay lovers who met in prison (keep this in mind when wondering what’s so “red band” about this trailer before you hit that ‘play’ button). You've been warned.

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darklordzor4236d ago

Hmmm...Despite that one scene at the beginning of the trailer, this movie actually looks pretty damn funny. It's odd to see two actors I really enjoy watching, playing a gay role, but at the same time they seem to do such an awesome job that I can't even really care. I've gone from not caring to see this film to at least renting it.

JL4236d ago

lol Yea I was not prepared for that one scene when I watched it. Thus, figured I'd at least warn others before going in to it. But it does indeed look interesting and I think I will at least rent it. I think Jim Carrey has a lot of potential still. Ever since Man on the Moon, I've wanted to see how well Carrey can branch out. He also did a great job in Eternal Sunshine (and Number 23 was decent on his part as well). Granted this is still comedy, but it appears to be different than his usual.

darklordzor4236d ago

You just listed some of my favorite films. I can't get enough Eternal Sunshine. Seriously, whenever I feel my interest or faith in filmmaking beginning to wane, I pop in Eternal Sunshine and suddenly I feel a lot better. Man on the Moon was incredible, and I really loved the Truman Show. He's still got a lot left in him, so it's nice to see him active again.