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Oakley to Debut 3D Eyewear With Special TRON: Legacy Film Edition

Couch Potato Club:
It seems more and more companies are pushing the 3D craze sweeping the nation. Whether it be 3D movies or 3D television sets, the push is becoming more prevalent. Now you can add another company. Oakley. The famous sunglasses maker is now getting into the business of making 3D eyewear. In celebration of the release of TRON: Legacy, Oakley is set to bring you a new line of special edition 3D glasses.

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Soldierone4605d ago

Wow was not expecting companies like this to be jumping on board the 3D glasses brigade. They are on their way out with new technology coming in that doesn't require them. Yet if you get stuck with the current technology, might as well spend the extra buck to get nice high end ones like this.

JL4605d ago

For that price though? I'll pass. I don't plan on seeing THAT many 3D movies in theaters to justify it. Especially since they give you glasses there. Sure they may be cheap and not quite as great as these, but they work.

darklordzor4605d ago

Agreed, for something that I wouldn't use that often I couldn't justify the price either. Plus whether you buy the glasses at the theater or not they're still going to charge you that little bit extra for them. So what's the point in shelling out the extra cash. Sure they don't look as goofy as the hand out ones, but who cares you're in a dark theater.

Though, I guess they might be marketing this more towards the at home 3D TV viewers. Then they won't look as funny wearing the bulky glasses when they're home. Still, doesn't seem worth it.

JL4605d ago

That's the thing though: the 3D technology they use at theaters is completely different than the technology used in homes with 3D TVs, so these wouldn't even work at home with a 3D TV as far as I understand. Cause as far as I know, theaters (except iMAX, which this isn't talking about) use a technology that requires two projectors, then the glasses are polarized. 3D TVs use something more akin to iMAX's technology in that there's a processor in the glasses that works by alternately sending a different image to one eye at a time in quick succession.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding though and these are intended for the iMAX technology or they work on both or something. But as far as I know, these would only work in theaters, which makes them even more useless.

Soldierone4605d ago

Its Oakley lol. If you buy sunglasses, like I do (but i dont buy these) you understand what Oakley is. You defiantly dont expect Oakley name to be cheap, but you expect the highest of quality in comfort and use.

And about the 3D, they are bothing going in the same direction now. Theaters are capable of outputting in digital now. So those theaters are capable of doing the 3D on their own, as its usuelly an effect added later through editing software. So this signal is splitting the colors and making it look as if its popping out. Thats why if you take the glasses off, it doesnt look as horrible as old school 3D movies.

Kiri4605d ago

Why would anyone with a right mind spend that much money on these. You can pick these glasses up anywhere free/cheap. The only thing special about this is the look. Nothing more, nothing less.

Soldierone4605d ago

I actually won a free pair of Oakley glasses by winning a Medal of Honor thing at E3. I too was one of those "glasses are glasses" till I tried these on. They fit really well and the style is un matched by other people. Is it worth 150 bucks? No it isnt, but they are top of the line.

These ones are purely for the Tron fanatics all over the world that want something collectible. Its just like the people that spend 150 bucks on COD limited Editions for stupid Night vision goggles.

Kiri4605d ago

I can understand the night vision googles. I have a pair of those myself. But I'm speculating its price to go up on ebay. Whereas those TRON glasses won't do anything. They won't get more expensive. And they're not that good.

Soldierone4605d ago

lol but thats the thing. You got the goggles because your a fan and wanted them, the price will go up because they are collectibles to the fans.

Same thing here, and it will be ten times better since its Tron. Especially if the movie goes well. Plus if you say Oakley isn't quality, but those goggles are, there is just something wrong with you.

Kiri4605d ago

perhaps. But in any case. it's too crazy expensive for a pair of glasses.

Besides, I never said those goggles are anything of quality :P

Soldierone4605d ago

The sad thing is people pay for normal sunglasses for the same price. Granted they have a bit more use that gimmicky 3D glasses, but still.
Like I said though, its not all smoke and mirrors, Oakley is actually a quality brand, just overpriced.

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