'Paranormal Activity 2' Likely to Scare Up $18-22 Million at Box Office

HollywoodReporter:"Box-of fice expectations have levitated for the second installment in Paramount's low-budget Paranormal Activity franchise.

Production costs on Paranormal Activity 2 also rose from the $15,000 in pocket change and candy wrappers spent to produce its predecessor. Paramount shelled out a whopping $1 million-plus to produce the prequel to last year's sleeper hit that grossed $108 million.

Unspooling in more than 3,000 domestic locations, Paranormal 2 looks likely to conjure $18 million-$22 million through Sunday. That should be plenty to justify marketing costs of $25 million or so, with foreign grosses and ancillary revenue also likely to be substantial."

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Soldierone4355d ago

With how Jackass beat out predictions last weekend, and the fact that other than Saw next weekend, I think it will be another suprise. You have Discovery and all these other channels playing Ghost shows and advertising the show etc... people are hyped for this. Even the ones that didnt like the first one are looking to see it, its a fun Halloween treat.

Since we get no Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13 and have to wait for Scream, I think it will surpass it. It will reach the 30 millions.

darklordzor4355d ago

It's a fun Halloween movie for sure, and I love that all of the stations are showing ghost stuff on TV. I love watching those shows (even though I know most of the time they are fake videos) and it's something my wife and I always try and catch. We have such a huge interest in the paranormal. One night we even plan to go 'ghost hunting'.

Soldierone4353d ago

The cool thing is my family is like that too, so i get a good amount of ideas for films haha. Im even making one this week to release on Halloween hopefully.

Another cool thing, Tombstone here in AZ is like one of the most haunted places in the country and has been featured on plenty of ghost shows. I dont know if you wathc Ghost Lab on Discovery, but it was on that show and it was like the only episode where they had plenty of evidence showing ghosts haha.

darklordzor4355d ago

I think it might do a little better numbers-wise than that. I could be wrong, but with all of the hype around this film (and judging by the lines for the midnight showings) it's got a chance to do very well.

Soldierone4353d ago

Went tonight at 8:40 and there was a line to get in, the 100 plus seating was filled. Also when we left, the 9 and 10 shows already had lines of people waiting to get in. It was the first time in a while where parking was impossible at my local theater, well since summer blockbusters were here.