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M. Night Shyamalan's New Project is 'One Thousand A.E.'

HollywoodReporter:"M. Night Shyamalan is in town this week, working on putting together his next directorial effort which will see him working with Will Smith.

But it won’t be the secret untitled project he shopped around in June. That script, which came with Bruce Willis, Bradley Cooper and Gwyneth Paltrow loosely attached, never found a buyer and was quietly shelved."

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Soldierone4231d ago

Wait.....Will Smith actually made a mistake for the first time in his career? See M Night gets alot of hate, his movies are sub par, and I was one to be defending him. Yes i had faith in Devil, said forget the Last Airbender, this is horror, this is going to be good. Went to see it and ate my words midway through, and left becoming yet another hater of his movies.

Told myself I wont be giving him chances anymore because in simple terms, he sucks at making movies. But then you tell me Will Smith is in his your forcing me to hope he didnt mess up again.

JL4231d ago

Actually the way I understand it, Will Smith won't be in the movie. Instead Jayden will be in there, the movie's being made as a vehicle for him.

I pity you, took you that long to give up on Shyamalan lol. I gave up on him after....Lady in the Water? Well I lost all faith then. Completely gave up on him to the point of "I won't see another of his movies ever again" after The Happening.

darklordzor4231d ago

I still haven't given up on M. Night. Don't ask me why, but I still try and trust him. He's been hurting my feelings a lot lately though. Lady in the Water really did suck, but I can't get past his other films. His first few films had such an impact on me, and only solidified my decision to study film in college. So it's really hard for me to give up on him.

Yeah it's Will Smith's son who will be in this one. Smith himself already has plenty on his plate.

JL4231d ago

lol Well you keep fighting that good fight Dark. I can't do Shyamalan anymore though. I tried and tried again to give him chances and he continued to let me down. Sixth Sense was a great movie, I thought. The Signs was ok to some degrees as well. I haven't cared for anything else of his though.

Soldierone4230d ago

Well that sucks. I want to see this kids career grow like Will's, and being in this movie isn't gonna do him justice at all. Then again maybe he will go from this to something of quality.

After the Last Airbender and Devil in the same year, how could you possibly have any faith in any of his films lol. His first few films were decent and yeah i could see why that made you study film, but after all the crap he throws out there....just isn't right.

JL4229d ago

lol Yea, let's boo Dark and his Shyamalan faith. That's just preposterous lol. Booooo!

I agree though that I'd like to see Jayden become as good as his dad, cause Will is a damn good actor. However, I'm a little afraid that Will's success may been Jaden's downfall.

See, Will had to come into the industry and prove he wasn't just the Fresh Prince. He had to go out there and give it his all and perfect his craft to get noticed and prove himself and really earn that respect as a legit actor.

Jaden on the other hand...his daddy is rich and just keeps buying movies for Jaden to star in. It really reminds me of the Benchwarmers in a way or something. "Well my kid sucks at this game/art, but I'm rich so I'll buy him his own team/movie."

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