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Mel Gibson Not Hungover

IGN: "The plot thickens. It was just a few days ago when Zach Galifianakis seemingly slammed his currently shooting sequel to The Hangover. And now word has come that the rumored Mel Gibson cameo in the film isn't even a rumor anymore.

Which is to say, it's not happening. The once mighty Variety has the report. Director Todd Phillips said in a statement: 'I thought Mel would have been great in the movie and I had the full backing of [Warner Bros. boss] Jeff Robinov and his team. But I realize filmmaking is a collaborative effort, and this decision ultimately did not have the full support of my entire cast and crew.'"

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Soldierone4231d ago

I wonder if this is what the argument was about that made headlines like yesterday. That and this kinda shows why i dont have faith in this film, he is trying to push in stars like this to make it more Hollywood. Its not going to work, i have little faith in this film as is.

darklordzor4231d ago

Yeah I guess this solves that question of whether or not this is what Zach was talking about. It really makes me happy that the filmmakers were actually willing to listen to their cast about the subject then, instead of making them (or just Galifianakis, I don't know if there were others) uncomfortable. It's too often we see directors and producers who will just push forward with it.

Soldierone4231d ago

To be honest, while we have no info, I think this was something more than creative differnces. He probably isn't getting paid bank to make this film, and is probably one of the least paid actors there. The others are big stars right now and probably have agents that cut them massive deals.

Mel Gibson probably stepped in for a small role in the film, was gonna get paid a competitive price to Zachs, and he didn't like it. Then all the other things probably piled on top of it to make his argument a good one.

darklordzor4231d ago

That's not entirely outside the realm of possibility, although Zach's been getting a lot of role lately too (mostly thanks to Hangover) and I'm sure he's got a good agent. Somehow I don't think he's making as much as the Doug character (can't remember the actor's name). But you might be right, about Mel getting a good cut of money for it, and others having issues about it.

Kiri4231d ago

anything to do with Mel gibsons latest problems with alcohol

Soldierone4231d ago

haha! I was thinking that, but its highly unlikely lol.

darklordzor4231d ago

Doubt it. It's been highly publicized and known about for a while. The filmmakers would have already been well aware of that issue. Maybe it really was the cast that had an issue with his alcohol problems.

Soldierone4231d ago

Well I was thinking they would use those problems to joke about something in the film. This didnt go over too well with the cast, and they moved to a differnt joke.

Dont know if thats what Kiri was hinting at or not. I think both of you were leading towards this being an issue because of his problems?

darklordzor4231d ago

That would have been interesting, but something tells me Gibson wouldn't have done it to poke fun those at those problems. Those are still a little too fresh and he's still catching backlash from it. I don't think he'd be comfortable with it, but he may have. The fact that he was replaced so quickly probably means the jokes weren't exactly actor specific.

Soldierone4230d ago

It would have to be something about Mel that made him "perfect" for the role though. So I thought it was probably because the character is a drunk or something and he could use that to make fun of his mistakes. So I dont know.

It could still be that, the character could still be a drunk and what not and be funny. The cool thing is that now that we know Mel was originally there, we can laugh still if this is true.