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Shield Creator Shawn Ryan Hired to Adapt Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse

Vulture: "Big news, Tom Clancy fans: The Shield creator Shawn Ryan has signed on to adapt Clancy's 1993 best-seller Without Remorse at Paramount Pictures, which insiders familiar with the situation tell us will be produced by Star Trek writer-producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and the studio’s newest co-financier, David Ellison's Skydance Productions."

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Soldierone4230d ago

I've always been a huge Tom Clancy fan so of course I'm interested to see what this will turn out to be. I think making it more modern aged will allow for more of a connection to the viewers. Hopefully this leads to even more of his titles being adapted into film, hopefully Rainbow six.

darklordzor4230d ago

Rainbow Six would be an interesting movie, though personally I'd love to see a Splinter Cell film. I know the games weren't directly based off of any books of his (though there are books now), it's still a good story and filled with action, adventure, and political savvy.

Soldierone4229d ago

I'm not sure how it would work. I mean it would be a game adaptation, because the books are adaptations of the game, so either way it leads to the game. Which in the end I dont think they are built to be story tellers until you get to the most recent ones which cover him being betrayed and what not. That story has been done a few times in Hollywood so they would have to change it up.

Ive yet to play the newest one since its exclusive to 360.

darklordzor4229d ago

Not all of the books. Only a couple are based on the games, but most of them have their own story and simply just use Sam Fisher as the character the game established. They're actually really good, and the latest ones are big departures from the games.

Kiri4229d ago

To be honest, ghost recon will make an awesome movie. I wonder why no one has brought it up.

Soldierone4229d ago

I think it would too, and this industry lacks the motivation to make solid war genre movies. Im going to film school to do just that though, so hopefully it doesnt run its route and disapear again like it did recently. I want it to come about when i get there so i can make a few.

The live action trailers for the new game prove Ghost Recon could be solid.

Kiri4229d ago

It's good to see someone who knows what he's talking about. Ghost Recon excels in storytelling, compelling action, and Thrilling pace. I'm sure it will hit the top of the chart the first day it airs.

Soldierone4229d ago

Ghost Recon isn't exactly the best one to portray that, it would be a really good war story though. I think if it were to be done it would be one of the first of many war films to release, so it wouldnt exactly push box office that far. Maybe it would win a few awards though.

And yet again we are stuck with the problem, is it a book adaptation or a game adatpation.

Kiri4229d ago

it should definitely be the game adaption, imo.

Soldierone4229d ago

You are out of bubbles so I probably shouldnt ask, but if it did follow the game you have like 3 differnt storylines you could follow. The most interesting, and most sold, would obviously be the futuristic ones in GRAW (Advanced Warfighter) but they you go back and you see there was jungle and modern day ones too that could do well.

I just think the only reason you do Ghost Recon is to revive what is lost in the war genre. If you want story and so on, you can go elsewhere in the Tom Clancy Universe and find it.

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