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Scribe Enters 'Twilight Zone' For Warner Bros And Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way

Deadline: "Jason Rothenberg (The Sparrow) has landed the assignment to write The Twilight Zone, a new feature version of the Rod Serling classic '50s TV series that Warner Bros is developing with Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way. Details are scant, but the expectation is they will take some of the original stories written for the series by the likes of Serling and Richard Matheson. "

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Soldierone3990d ago

Is it just me or do both these films sound really friggin interesting and you can't wait to see them be made? Anything with Will Smith is great, and he loves robot movies so its going to be even better. Then Dicaprio with Inception, you can only imagine what a Twilight Zone movie will be like.

Kiri3989d ago

It's probably just you. Twilight Zone is just the most awkward/weird show anyone has ever made. I'm surprised that it was made into a movie.

Soldierone3989d ago

It was supposed to be weird and creep you out at times. Most of the time it was just supposed to get you thinking....

Kiri3989d ago

Its philosophy is just straight out weird though. Yes, it's supposed to get you thinking, but even after you generate those thoughts, you can't apply them anywhere most of the time.

Soldierone3989d ago

In film you can, thats the creative asset directors are given. Its something special and takes talent to put that places.

Kiri3989d ago

That's perhaps why I find it absurd. I don't work in the film industry.

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darklordzor3990d ago

I could live without a Twilight Zone movie. I just don't think they can pull it off. I have a lot of love for the TV show, and really think that is where these stories work best. Appian Way does sound very interesting though, and seems like something to follow.

Soldierone3989d ago

Really? I think it could be a solid movie if they choose the right topic to go behind. It could lead into a terrific franchise as the stories are realisticly endless.

darklordzor3989d ago

That's why it worked better as a TV show, because there are so many stories they could do. They were designed to be quick, get inside your head, and then be over leaving you either on a cliffhanger or without a full resolution. That's part of why it was so 'mind-bending', it always left the audience wondering what had really happened.

That type of non-resolution and leaving the audience hanging doesn't really work in a movie. Movie-goers want their films to end and have a concrete ending that resolves most - if not all - issues in a movie.

Soldierone3989d ago

Not the great movies though. Inception comes to mind and the way that movie was done is that it ended leaving you to decide what happened at every part. Did the coin spin, did it stop, was he dreaming, was he stuck? It didn't tell you so you get to decide. I think a Twilight Zone movie would do the same thing. It will boggle your mind and dig deeper than a TV show ever would.

darklordzor3989d ago

That's assuming they could really pull that off in Twilight Zone. My gut tells me, it won't be nearly that deep, and will instead go for the cheaper thrills. Besides, there are plenty of great movies that actually end. Inception is a good exception to that rule, but I wouldn't say the great movies all do something similar.

Soldierone3988d ago

Dont get me wrong, im not saying all great movies dont have an end. Im just saying creativity kicks in when a movie still has you questioning things and thinking about it days after you have seen it. Who killed who, whos dream was whos, etc...

Twilight could be perfect for these un answered questions, and hopefully they dont go the cheap route and actually make a good film. Otherwise you are completely right in a sense that it should be a show.

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