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Buried is a thriller film directed by Spanish director Rodrigo Cortés. It stars Ryan Reynolds (Just Friends, The Proposal) as a US truck driver in Iraq who wakes up buried alive in a wooden coffin, a mobile phone his only salvation.

Set entirely within this wooden coffin, both director and star gracefully interact to convey not only intense claustrophobia, but a relentless narrative both thrilling and heart-pounding. The camerawork and lighting are phenomenal, darkness certainly relied on at times but never used as a cheap disguise. This is a beautiful, dirtily shot film that will pull viewers deep down into the leading man’s grim situation beneath the dirt and won’t let go.

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darklordzor4232d ago

Can't wait to see this film. I've been intrigued by it from the get-go about it being set entirely within the coffin, with only Reynolds. It sounded like a unique experiment, and one I hoped would be pulled off. Now that quite a few positive reviews are coming out I'm even more excited.

I still don't like how most reviewers (this one included) always say that Reynolds is known only for his romantic comedies. He has done quite a bit more than those, and lately hasn't even been touching that genre. I guess since that's where most people really discovered him, that's all the associate with him. He's flexed his acting talents elsewhere before though, and it's why I think he'll do great in any film he's in.

Who knows, maybe this film will help get him some recognition in the more dramatic circles as well.

MartyMcFly884232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

It's a great film darklordzor, you should definitely go see it!

To be fair (I am the reviewer) I only state that Reynolds is "known mostly for his work in romantic comedies". 'Mostly' rather than 'only', which is quite different when you think about it.

I am aware that he has dabbled in other genres (he was pretty good as Ray Liotta's partner in Smokin' Aces) yet overall, he will be known by most viewers for his work within the romantic comedy genre.

With Buried getting rave reviews and Green Lantern fast approaching though, that may all be set to change!

darklordzor4232d ago

Green Lantern is going to be amazing (I hope) and I'm glad to hear from you! I'm glad it is worth watching and I'll be sure to put this on my list to go see. Thanks for the review man, it was really helpful.