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'Transformers 3' to Be Shot And Post-Converted in 3D

Moviefone: "Vince Pace, director of photography on the Los Angeles unit of 'Avatar', told Cinematical that Michael Bay's upcoming 'Transformers 3', now titled 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon', is being both shot and post-converted in 3D. "We're doing Transformers with Michael Bay, and that's a big challenge because he's not the kind of director that's going to give you a break," Pace said to reporters Tuesday. "But he met it halfway and he said, look, it complements my product, and I want to incorporate this into my shooting style."

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Soldierone4360d ago

Michal Bay the true king of visuals with 3D? This is going to be friggin awesome haha! I think James Cameron will have to step aside and learn a couple things from this. Michal Bay knows how to do one thing, make something look so cool that you think its a good movie. He is the king of this, and this might make 3D more than a gimmick for once.

JL4360d ago

I still have NO idea how Cameron gets such acclaim while Bay gets ragged on all the time. Neither one of them can direct to save their lives. The only thing they're good at is making things look cool. And Bay has always been better at that in my opinion.

I'm glad you also share my hate for Cameron lol.

darklordzor4359d ago

I don't hate Cameron per se, but I will agree that he's a director that makes things look cool, and that's mostly it.

That's one of the reasons why I don't get all of the Bay hatred on the web. As far as making things fun and awesome looking, he takes it to the max. Despite the storyline, it's hard to deny that the action scenes in Transformers 2 weren't incredible to watch. He's mastered action and explosions and how to take intensity to an all new level. I just wish he'd get a little more credit for it.

Soldierone4359d ago

Its because as a film maker you are always taught to go for story, character development, and other things. visuals are supposed to be last, they are not supposed to make film. Everytime visuals took over for any entertainment medium, they started going downhill and fast. So film makers think directors like Bay dont deserve credit and shouldnt be making movie.

While I agree that film makers should be all about visuals, it also is what people like to pay for and the ultimate reason you are there is for them. So I give Bay a break, but its not the route I'm persuing.

darklordzor4359d ago

You have to remember that I am a filmmaker too (didn't go through all that college for nothing :) ) but I still think Bay deserves some credit. As filmmakers we need to appreciate advances in technology and the medium that we choose, because those things allow us to tell our vision in ways never before imagined. Should visuals take precedent then over story and characters? No. But they are tools that we can use to tell our story.

Besides, films were created for one provide people with a form of entertainment. It's not just for the artistic or the storytellers. Sometimes movies just have to be about blowing things up in order to take you away for a couple hours.

JL4359d ago

Well, let me say I'm not some fancy film school kid like y'all lol. However, I do like to believe I know my stuff when it comes to movies and have a definite appreciation for the art (and entertainment) of it. That being said, I'm right there with Dark. No, visuals should never be priority in the industry. Good storytelling and such should be the key element of film. But also at the same time, it is indeed entertainment. And sometimes we just want to see that pretty/cool stuff. Sometimes we like just the mindless action to get away from things. A cliche lackluster cohesive story that doesn't make us think, while pretty pictures that makes us go "holy crap that was awesome".

That being said, I can understand people hating on Bay for not delivering as a director/storyteller, until you find those same people turning around and praising Cameron for being so awesome. I don't really hate Cameron. I think as a producer, he's awesome. He can make things look cool, yes. But at the end of the day he's really the same as Bay. Yet Bay gets ripped and Cameron gets praised.

It's like Pearl Harbor and Titanic. I cared for neither of the movies. And to me both were pretty much the same (not story-wise obviously). Both took some big event, turned it into a cheesy love story but made big set pieces and scenes that looked good. But it's funny hearing people criticize Pearl Harbor because it's Bay, but letting Titanic slide.

This is one of the big reasons I hated that Avatar sold so well. It just reinforced that "Cameron is amazing" type mentality and makes him further overrated.

Soldierone4359d ago

@ Dark
But if you did they had to of taught you about the stories of visuals and how it has always been said visuals are nothing. How a story should be able to be portrayed without explosions and what not. Same with dialogue, you should be able to tell the entire movie without a single person talking. I give Bay credit, but at the same time its Bay he somewhat has an understand of telling a story through the visuals to make it seem awesome. We just dont want other directors catching on and throwing in explosions for no reason.

I agree, hate both or love both. I hate the fact film people will bash Bay non-stop then turn around and say Avatar was remarkable. It wasn't, it was Transformers suped up on steroids and blue people. Give Bay 7 years to throw money at a creative idea and see what happens. Luckily my Film Professor hates both equally lol. Personally I like Bay better because he is capable of doing stories to certain extents as well, meanwhile Avatar is a ripoff of 10 other movies.

darklordzor4358d ago

Yes Solider One, I really did go to film school (a while ago now) and had the chance to work in 'the biz' and still do quite a bit of freelance stuff. I did learn all about that stuff, and I can tell you that all of my films have zero explosions. Story, characters, and dialogue are the driving forces of a film, but despite what school teaches, filmmakers will tell the story in whatever way they want to.

By no means am I saying Bay is a great storyteller (far from it). He's good at what he does, and that's it.

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