Armie Hammer Says The Next Superman Will Be Middle Aged

Cinema Blend: "Last month, the first rumors began that Mad Men's Jon Hamm was up for the role of Superman in the reboot being developed by Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer. This was weeks before the announcement that Zack Snyder would be directing and the comments about the film focusing on the early days of the character, but it was still brushed off as being ridiculous. Why? Because Hamm would be the oldest person to play the Man of Steel by more than a decade. Now those rumors are beginning to seem a little more realistic."

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Soldierone4235d ago

If true, this is a huge disapointment to me and probably anyone else in the recent rumor talks. I also think it would prove Routh isn't returning after all. I don't think a middle aged Superman is relatable at all and wont work in my eyes. So im kinda sad, and don't want to believe it.

darklordzor4234d ago

Agreed, I was really hoping the Routh rumors would be true, but if they go with the middle-age thing he wouldn't work. Though this middle-aged rumor doesn't seem to fit with the other rumors we've heard on the plot, where it might deal with a younger Superman coming to terms with his fate and deciding whether or not he actually wants to be Superman and a hero.

Hmmm...lots of contradicting rumors on this film already. Seriously it's getting almost as bad as Batman 3 rumors now.

Soldierone4234d ago

I think this one is a lie mainly because Superman doesn't age. He was never middle aged in the comics, and him being young is an icon of what he is for the youth etc....middle aged would just prove this would be a failed attempt at a Superman movie.

darklordzor4234d ago

Yeah I think it's a baseless rumor as well. Though there are some comics where Supes is older, they aren't nearly as common, and really who wants to watch a movie about the Man of Steel going through a mid-life crisis?

Soldierone4234d ago

Then again this could prove what I was saying before lol. They are throwing things at us to make it seem like Routh is out for sure, only to suprise us with the announcement of Routh haha.

darklordzor4233d ago

Hmm...I didn't think of that one. Snyder and the studios might be trying to misdirect everyone, or news writers are throwing out wild speculation. None of the sources these rumors come from are actually checked.

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