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Scream 4 Trailer Really Here To Stay This Time

Cinema Blend: "There have been more than a few false starts so far for the first Scream 4 teaser trailer. First came the bootleg that was filmed during the taping of the Scream Awards on Monday, and then what we thought was the official release on Tuesday. It turns out that the studio wasn't too happy with either one being released, but today we have one that's going to stick around. "

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Soldierone4229d ago

Now that I've seen it in good quality, I couldn't be more excited to see it haha. this looks fantastic! Horror is back, hopefully!

darklordzor4229d ago

See I knew that's all you needed, was a good quality version. After seeing this in HD I can say my excitement level has gone up as well. I hope it can live up to the first one, and bring the franchise back to a high point.

Soldierone4229d ago

Yeah I can actually hear what they are talking about now lol, how he is new aged and can kill people better now. That and some of the shots, like the one in the mirror, it just proves horror is going old school again and this will be fun to watch.

darklordzor4228d ago

Well this is actually a longer version from what they showed at the Scream Awards, and isn't cut nearly as awkwardly. The additional dialogue helps a lot.

The thing that had me most interested was when Gale Weathers was seen taking off the ghost face mask. I wonder why she had it on. Was it to get away from him, or what? Very odd...

Soldierone4228d ago

Didnt they have the costumes in the last movie too, so people could wear them and scare people. Then that just ticked off the actual villian more and made him kill them too.