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Die Hard 5... And 6?

IGN: "The last time McClane was in action, he was Superhero-ing down an in-flight military jet. That's a far cry from "Shoot the Glass" Nakatomi Plaza.

So will a fifth and potentially sixth Die Hard get our former NYC cop back on track? If Bruce Willis has his way, then yes."

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Soldierone4229d ago

I kinda like where Live Free or Die Hard went. No it wasn't exactly Die Hard but it was an interesting movie, and in my opinion one of the best Die Hard movies. I know the core fans will disagree, but I enjoyed it.

Going back to the old forumlas isn't bad, but you have to do something to keep the franchise alive.

darklordzor4229d ago

I think Live Free or Die Hard was a great addition to the franchise. I think it was totally a Die Hard movie and fit with the others in the series. It was exciting and modern, but didn't lose that old school action feel to it. And at this point going bigger and more than just a cop is the only way to move the series forward. After all he's been through and with the current times, McClane can't simply fight small-time terrorists. He's got to go bigger.

I am actually looking forward to where they would go next, but this time I hope they cut out the 'old' jokes. Willis has aged well and can still do a lot of good action scenes that are believable, so the Old Man jokes didn't seem to work for me.

Soldierone4228d ago

I think him playing as an aged character was the only thing that bugged me. It was like he wasn't modern at all, and him playing those roles always bug me. I like him, and i want him to play modern characters, not some old geezer thats somehow getting through the action without breaking his back.

darklordzor4228d ago

Yes! They really made him seem like he was stuck in the past and hadn't gone with the times as the rest of the world had. He came offf as a grumpy old man who didn't like nor understand technology. I'd really like to see that change.