Snipes Plots MLK-J. Hoover Expose, Wonders Why Other Actors Are Warming Up For His 'Blade' Role

IGN: "Facing a 3-year jail stretch after a long battle with the IRS, Wesley Snipes has become the catalyst for a feature that explores FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover's campaign to discredit Martin Luther King Jr. -- and the fatal guilt carried by the Hoover henchman charged with wiretapping King's phone and pulling dirty tricks. Snipes tells Deadline that he is producing and hopes to play a role in the Justin Stamm-scripted Code Name Zorro, one of several projects Snipes is percolating under his Maandi Media Productions banner. Snipes wouldn’t go into a lot of detail into his current IRS situation, other than to say 'It’s all good, put it like that.'"

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darklordzor4228d ago

I'd love to see Snipes get back into the lime light. I loved most of his movies and hate that he's all but disappeared. Now with the jail-time who knows if he'll really ever get back on his feet. I hope so, but honestly, I don't want another Blade movie out of him. He's still a great martial artist, but for that character, it's time to get someone younger in there who can do the more flamboyant and flashy moves.

Soldierone4226d ago

I was never a fan of Blade, but he seems to be dedicated to this role. You don't really find that too often. The only sad thing is I do agree that we need someone new in the position. I think new blood and a revive to the franchise could possibly drag people like me into the universe by creating a new experience. If you continue, your just gonna get the same audience.