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Lines 'Forming For Paranormal Activity 2'

Deadline: "This is the mob scene outside the Loews 34th Street in New York City for tonight's midnight sneak preview of Paramount's Paranormal Activity 2. The pic opens wide at midnight Thursday."

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Soldierone4360d ago

Yep, saw the lines outside the pre screenings here too. That and theatres here are selling pre-sale tickets, which only happens when the film is expected to be big. My friends that work there are saying the theatre is over staffed this weekend for the film. If im not mistaken Saw comes out at the same time? This should be a huge weekend for box office.

darklordzor4359d ago

Yep. Box office this weekend should look pretty darn good, and most likely Jackass won't be able to hold onto its lead. I'm about to head to my pre-screening, because I'm sure the lines will be equally crazy there, but I'm not too terribly worried about it.

Nice to see so much support for this movie, especially when the first film was so limited and their marketing consisted of telling people to request it in theaters.

Soldierone4359d ago

I think the whole request thing was fake, it was just a marketing thing to get people to tell other people about the film. If it wasnt marketed like that i dont think it would of done well at all.

darklordzor4359d ago

Nope, it wasn't faked, that's literally how that movie made money. Remember it really is just an indie film, that at the time had almost zero distribution. The film actually released back in 2007 and did the typical indie film thing, it hit a couple festivals hoping to get distribution. It wasn't until 2009 that someone finally picked it up and it released in only 13 college towns...that's it.

Then those started selling out, and it opened in a couple more theaters...which also sold out. The most they got to for a little bit was 40 venues across the country. That's when Universal started the 'Demand It' campaign, when they issued a press release saying they would give the film a normal wide release if they could reach 1,000,000 'demands' on

Of course it did and that's when we saw it in all theaters. So it had a hard road, but it actually made it. So in truth, from 2007, this film made it's money by working at it.

Soldierone4359d ago

No no, im not saying them getting distribution through Paramount wasn't hard and not faked. Just watching the film you can tell it was an Indie film that had its issues.

Im saying the demand it to see it thing was staged. Paramount already had it all set up and ready to go. Granted if they set that up and it only got like 1k demands then maybe they would jump ship, but i have no doubt that once it got in Paramounts hands that it was going out to theaters.

Its an indie film for sure and its a long interesting road to success for that crew.

darklordzor4358d ago

Possibly, though I really think Paramount was using it to gage how much money they could actually make. Maybe it wouldn't have had to actually be 1,000,000 like they said, but it would have had to be a significant number. I don't even remember how many 'demands' they got...

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