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Dimension Chomping To Get 'Piranha 3D' Sequel Into Theaters Next Summer

Deadline: "Dimension Films landed a surprise hit (if opening 6th at the box office qualifies as a hit) with Piranha 3D and now, as we reported in August, they’re going in for a sequel. The new film will be titled Piranha 3DD as a nod to the series’ love of large breasts. The guys being brought on to create this cinematic masterpiece are the folks behind the 2005 horror film, Feast: director John Gulager and screenwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (who also wrote the last four Saw movies). Deadline reports that Dimension is aiming to get Piranha 3DD into theaters by August 2011."

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Soldierone4226d ago

Just reading the title, all i can say is "oh god"

Why bother, why so soon? Why cant you just give us a quality Jaws movie....

darklordzor4226d ago

Because giving us a Jaws quality movie would require effort and talent. The people who made this film have neither of those qualities. I didn't care for the first one at all, and have no enthusiasm for this one. Seriously, I'd rather just watch Girls Gone Wild and then cut Jaws in between...It's the same concept and would probably be a lot better.

Soldierone4226d ago

Thats what Im saying, we let this slide and next thing you know we get Girls Gone Jaws. They are completely missing the point of the original films.

If they mess up Jaws id be so mad. There was so much creativeness and film techniques brought about with Jaws...ruining it would just qualify you to be a janitor at McDonalds and not a film maker.

darklordzor4225d ago

Ha! Yeah, you're right about that. I honestly didn't think Pirahna 3D had done well enough to justify a sequel. I guess I didn't really pay attention to it enough to know though.

allysaurus874225d ago

What I always wanted to see lol.