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American Remakes of Foreign Films: Do We Need Them?

Player Affinity writes: "In recent years, Hollywood has turned more frequently to European and Asian films for material to remake. Many of these films are met by groans of disappointment from fans of the original and those more well-versed in foreign film. In 2010, we have already seen remakes of Death at a Funeral, The Dinner Game and Let the Right One In with film fans asking the question, 'why?'"

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Soldierone4363d ago

some of thoe remakes were actually really good, so i dont think they are good examples to use in this article lol.

However when is a remake ever going to make the original fans happy? There will always be that one thing, or them not liking the change and differnt take on the story etc....Hollywood takes ideas from other adaptations too, not just foreign remakes.

darklordzor4362d ago

True, most remakes only serve to alienate the fans of the originals, but not all of them. I for one enjoy seeing remakes of some of my favorite films, if only to see how someone else handles the material. I admit, more often than not I go away unhappy.

I know many people have loved all of those J-Horror remakes that we make over here (The Ring and The Grudge to start), so they aren't all bad. And as far as remaking foreign films in general, I'm all for it. Sometimes that's the only way we'll actually see these stories. While the internet helps with access to foreign films, we still rarely get them.

Besides, unnecessary is a Japanese remake of Ghost.

Soldierone4362d ago

You bringing up J-horror is another example of why I think its fine in this case. Personally I think Hollywood makes the better movies from all over the world. Some good movies have come from Britain and such, but if you ever watch forign films alot of them are not up to our standards yet. Japan ranks in those lower standards to me.

They just seem to always be one decade behind the rest with acting, visuals, and all that stuff. The one thing they do well is enviroment, you see it in anaime alot, but thats about the only thing that gets away. So for the general society in America to watch and appreciate their films is if they are re-done Hollywood style and of quality standards.