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Movies for Grownups: 7 Surprisingly Memorable Movie Scores

KansasCity: "For many moviegoers, a film's soundtrack is essentially white noise - an element that, at best, magnifies the action on-screen (the scared teenager creeping through a haunted house to muted strings ... armies attacking to blaring trumpets). But a classic film score can be every bit as much a character as the leading man and lady - sometimes sticking with the audience long after the story is forgotten. Some truly great movie scores come to DVD and Blue Ray in the coming month"

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darklordzor3992d ago

I don't get how Video Games Live and Frank Sinatra's Concert Collection counts as movie scores. Sure there are a couple movies mentioned in the list, but that's not what the entire list is about. Seems like a poorly put together article honestly. I mean, the music and picks they have on there are solid, but they aren't all movies like the title suggests, and it's filled with typos.

I mean, if you're going to do a movie article be sure to at least spell blu-ray correctly. I know I sound harsh, but this isn't at all what I expected.

Soldierone3992d ago

Had the same thoughts about it. Didnt even really get me thinking about anything. Some good selection, but I would of made an entirely differnt list.

darklordzor3992d ago

Oh yeah, when it comes to movie music scores there are so many things out there better than what's on this list. We've got nothing from Jon Williams on this list either.

With the title being 'Surprisingly memorable' I thought they were going to showcase some lesser know films with amazing scores.