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Mark Wahlberg Offered Lead Role in 'The Crow' Remake

BloodyDisgusting: "Bloody Disgusting has confirmed exclusively that Mark Wahlberg was offered the lead role in Relativity Media's The Crow, a remake of the 1994 film that starred Brandon Lee as a man (Eric Draven) brutally murdered that comes back to life as an undead avenger of his and his fiancée's murder. The film was an adaptation of James O'Barr's incredible comic series. Iconic musician and acclaimed screenwriter Nick Cave has been working on a rewrite with Stephen Norrington (Blade, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ) attached to direct. The new tale is said to take place in Detroit. Now, the offer has been made, therefore Wahlberg could (and hopefully will) decline. I can't say this news has me swimming in excitement."

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darklordzor4615d ago

Ugh...I don't think this film needs to be remade. The barrage of crappy sequels (some straight to DVD that I didn't even know existed until I saw them in stores) really killed the franchise. I think a reboot could be kind of cool, but I just don't care to see it. The first film was great, and had a very interesting story to tell. I can see why Hollywood would want to re-visit it. But I just don't care to see it. I'd rather let the first one remain happily in nostalgia.

And Wahlberg for it? Come on...

Soldierone4615d ago

I like Wahlberg and 90's were not so nice to certain films with story and what not. They were just getting started with new visuals and what not. Now that they learned I think this film could be even better.

Its a bit soon to be remaking it yes, but it was going to happen sooner or later and Im glad its this crew doing it.

Soldierone4615d ago

I think his role in Max Payne proves that he can portray this character correctly. He did things right and this is his style. That and comedy, he was friggin amazing in The Other Guys. He is a talented actor so if he is onboard this film ill be sure to check it out!

darklordzor4615d ago

Overall I didn't like Max Payne, but I agree that he did a good job in the role. Don't get me wrong, I think he could do it, but for me he just doesn't seem to fit the part. He can play dark, but the Crow needs to be almost maniacal. He's almost as bad as the villains he takes down in some ways. I just don't know if he can be menacing enough for it.

Soldierone4615d ago

Yeah don't get me wrong Max Payne could of been better, but he did his part nearly perfectly. Max Payne was leading in the direction of going insane, so I think if he took the extra step he could pull it off.

I mean its not like he is trying to be the Joker, which takes tons of skill. I personally think he has more than enough experience to do it. Alot better than other known actors that would be offered the part if he doesnt take it.

darklordzor4615d ago

I think it really depends on if they look elsewhere. I think they need someone who is also a little more action oriented, which Whalberg can do, but as far as pure talent goes for this sort of thing, there are others I would pick.

Tom Hardy
Chris Pine

That's just to name a couple off the top of my head. Who knows, this is all rumor at this point anyway right?

Soldierone4615d ago

Yeah its rumor, im just saying they supposedly offered Mark this role. These rumors don't come out of the blue, they usuelly have some credit behind them. So if he says no then it stays a rumor, was never true in our eyes.

However the fact that they already thought about him as a possibility suggests they want a bigger named actor in the role. Thus I think your options are limited, especially since it has interest now if he does decide to not take the role.

darklordzor4614d ago

True, but maybe that's the problem. They should try and go with a lesser known actor for the role, so there aren't any of these pre-conceived notions going into it. A fresh actor for a fresh restart on the series.

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darklordzor4613d ago

Heck this all might be a moot point right now, as the director has just left the project. Now it's drifting and waiting for someone to fill in his place. This may mean any casting ideas the director had before could just get tossed out.