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Cars 2 Teaser Trailer Shoots Mater With Lasers

Cinema Blend: "Sure it’s about cars and that seems kind of silly, even for Pixar, but there’s this undercurrent of longing and affection for the vanishing landscape of the American road. That wistful longing for small towns and lonely trips down Route 66 is beautiful. "

Concept art included.

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Soldierone4233d ago

While it isn't the best Pixar movie, its still a great film. I just don't understand why this one got so much more respect and fans than other films? I am still waiting for a Monsters Inc 2.

JL4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

Did it really get much more respect and fans than other Pixar movies? Serious question here, cause everything I've ever noticed, Cars is always panned as the worst Pixar movie out of them all. I actually liked it and it ranks as one of my favorites.

darklordzor4233d ago

It's seems odd to move the tale into a spy type setting, although it's probably for the best. They made their point about humbleness and the moral obligations in the first film, so not re-treading that theme is actually a really good idea. Now they can just have fun with the series and the colorful characters they've created.

I am totally with you Solider One. I am eagerly awaiting another Monsters Inc movie because it was way better than Cars. I guess it really took off with kids though, and that's why they're pushing it. After Toy Story 3 and having my own wishes fulfilled with that film, I'm willing to give Pixar whatever they want though :)

Soldierone4233d ago

I think Pixar is either running out of ideas, or decided they want to milk their cash cows before moving on. It was like two years ago that Pixar said they don't like doing sequals, they rather do original ideas. All of a sudden all their titles are getting sequals.

Am I mad? No not at all, but I love Pixar because they make new and unique films, not the same thing over and over. The next one on the list is probably Finding Nemo. I doubt Monsters Inc will even be looked at for a while.

Another interesting one would probably be A Bugs Life, I loved that movie.

darklordzor4233d ago

That's true and then the new original film they had planned and were working on (Newt) got canceled. I hope they don't do another Finding Nemo. It was one of their best, but it's not a story that really lends itself to a sequel. It would just feel too forced. Personally I don't get why they haven't revisited the Incredibles. It's a superhero movie that lends itself perfectly to sequels. It was fun and I could see several stories with the entire family working together.

Soldierone4233d ago

Geez forgot about the Incredibles. With super hero movies being big, that is just massive for them. I guess that just goes to show how they don't really care about the money.

Since Newt got cancelled, I don't know if its because they want to spend more money on future projects or new equipment etc...or if its Disney sticking their hand where it doesn't belong and forcing them to put out these titles. I remember Disney ticked off Pixar with Toy Story 2 anyways. But at the same time Pixar had all 7 franchises planned out back in 1994.

JL4232d ago

First let me say: I have no problem at all with a Cars 2. I like it actually. It's one of my favorite Pixar movies. They did indeed create some colorful characters with Cars. Nice to me Mater back (and I really hope Shaloub comes back). I'll have to see more about the movie, but I'm not mad at them for this.

Now...Monsters Inc 2...y'all do realize it's being made right? It's the next one they're working on. It, along with Brave, will hit theaters in 2012. Confirmed by Disney themselves. I probably (maybe?) liked Cars more than I did Monsters Inc (just something about the characters in Cars). But definitely enjoyed Monsters Inc too. So I'm not mad at that either.

As for other Pixar movies to make sequels: I wasn't a big fan of The Incredibles. And while the superhero thing would bring in money, I hope they don't. Bug's Life? Wasn't ever one of my favorites either. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed all Pixar movies so far, when I say "not one of my favorites" or "not a big fan" it's strictly in comparison to Pixar's own library of other movies.

Finding Nemo 2? Please no. I'm SICK of Nemo. My nephew ran that one in the ground for me long ago. I can't take anymore of that. I'd rather see a sequel to Wall-E before I see anything else made into a sequel other than Cars and Monsters Inc.

That being said, I don't see Pixar running some sequel train. I still have no doubt we'll see plenty of new original movies from them. They are Pixar after all, and at this point (much like people like Nolan), they get the benefit of the doubt in my book because they have yet to steer me wrong.

If I really had to analyze it, I think Pixar might be doing these are safety measures of sort as well. Toy Story is done. They don't have their number 1 franchise to fall back on anymore, thus they need something to fill that gap. Thus, bring out Cars 2 to see how it fairs. On top of that, they're venturing into uncharted waters for them come 2012 with their next film Brave. A fairy tale from Pixar. Never been done before and on some scale fairy tales are a whole other ballpark. Thus they don't want to put everything they have on a new outing (or maybe Disney doesn't want them to), so we get another hit sequel with Monsters Inc 2. Beyond that who knows, but I'm sure we'll still see plenty and plenty of original material from Pixar. Though with Disney behind them, they might be putting out "cushion the possible blow" type material (like sequels of some of their big hits) just to put Disney at ease.

Soldierone4232d ago

They are making a Monsters Inc 2? That just made my day haha! When did they announce it?

Also did the studio expand lately to have two films coming out in the same year? I'm used to the two year cycle they have like Insomniac which leads to one title coming out from each portion of the studio each year. Brave sounds interesting, but so do the other un announced titles. Pixar had 7 films lined up back in 1994, so maybe they have a new line up of ideas coming out with better technology now?

JL4232d ago

lol I want you to remember all this Soldier. I've brought you Monsters Inc 2 and Toy Story Trilogy Toy Box Collection today.

Monsters Inc 2 was announced earlier this year (can't remember exactly when) and it's set to be released in November of 2012. I know the initial date was late November, but it got changed so as not to compete with Twilight. But the new release date is still in November, just not sure the exact date.

As for Pixar expanding. I'm not entirely sure they've come out and said it. However, for the past year/year-and-a-half, they have been doing Phase II construction where they're building a office/facility that's much bigger than where they're housed now. Why the need for extra space? Again I don't think they've specifically said anything (officially), but the only logical reason is because they need more space for more people. So...make of that what you will. But they are indeed building a new office and that will be finished early next year last I heard.

darklordzor4232d ago

I too wouldn't particularly care to see a second Bug's Life movie, by far that's probably my least favorite. I remember hearing about Monsters Inc. 2 a while ago, but haven't really heard much since.

Anyone thinking it might be awesome to have Pixar do something with the Marvel license? Personally I'm kind of on the fence about it now. When the Disney-Marvel merger first happened I was so excited at the prospect of having Pixar possibly working with Marvel characters, but do to the overwhelming flood of comic book movies and media, I'm honestly tired of it. I think Pixar's storytelling abilities would do the Marvel universe some good though.

Soldierone4232d ago

@ JL Ill go run in circles like a little kid again because of you haha!

As for the Marvel thing I don't think it works. Mainly because the only way those should be adopted is if its live action or TV series animation. I don't see a animated super hero film doing any justice without the Disney Pixar twist that Marvel characters dont have. That and there are so many other studios that would do it a better justice in my opinion without making it too kid friendly. Unless of course Pixar digs up some lesser known goofy title to do, like the Duck (forgot the name again) etc...

darklordzor4232d ago

Are you talking about Howard the Duck?

JL4232d ago

lol Howard the Duck. That was so incredibly cheesy. I used to love that movie as a kid though.

I'm with Soldier though, I don't think Marvel content would lend well to Pixar style. Just doesn't seem like a good mesh. Marvel just seems too mature or something. Maybe if Disney wants to do something, fine. I'd rather Pixar stick with creating their own material though. And if they really want to do superhero stuff, they can revisit The Incredibles.

Soldierone4231d ago

Yeah something like Howard the Duck. If you go on wiki and look up "list of Marvel Comics" you can find all kinds of not really known assets they could use for Pixar.

I think I was actually thinking of Darkwing Duck for some reason lol.

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