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Oscar Eye: Predicting Which Newcomer Will Crash The Best Director Category

Cinema Blend: "I've just finished interviewing Danny Boyle and Simon Beaufoy, both of whom won slam-dunk Oscars two years ago for Slumdog Millionaire and are back in the race again this year with 127 Hours, which has been quietly building steam since premiering at the Telluride and Toronto festivals in early September. The movie is as big a challenge to typical Oscar stories as Slumdog was in some ways, taking place almost entirely in the canyon where Aron Ralston was pinned by a falling boulder, relying on a whole slew of subjective filmmaking techniques to tell the story and showing, graphically, the moment when Ralston cuts off his arm to free himself-- it's so intense that people have passed out at a number of screenings.

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Soldierone4231d ago

I kinda hate how the Oscars go to certain films just for the feel good moments. Its not really hard to create those moments. I think the award should be focused more on overall quality of a film, like Cinderella Man or The Hurt Locker, both those were well deserving awards.

darklordzor4231d ago

I have the hardest time with the Academy Awards these days. Some years, it feels like a total popularity contest, and that the films they pick aren't for any particular reason. Other years, there choices have been so amazing, that I think they are back on top.

These days, I watch them mostly to see the actors and to give me an idea of the films I should see if I hadn't gotten a chance to. Honestly I feel that other awards shows a better than the Oscars now.

Soldierone4231d ago

Other shows are way better because they judge them based off things I mentioned. Lately the Acadamy hasn't been making good selections. They only throw in titles like Avatar to gain interest then advertise the show when another movie beats it out, which was planned all along.

For example I personally think The Hurt Locker should of won without a doubt, the other movies in the line up didn't stack up to its quality at all. But Slumdog Millionaire, interesting movie, yet it was poorly done in my opinion.

darklordzor4230d ago

Yeah, other wards shows are the way to go these days, but there's something about the Oscars that still draws us movie guys in. I know that it's not what it used to be, but for some reason I just can't stop watching it and fruitlessly hoping for my favorite films to make the cut.

Soldierone4230d ago

I think its because the Oscars still seem to be "official" awards. While winning other things are cool, you still didn't win the big one! Its like winning a playoff game, then losing the championship.

darklordzor4229d ago

Yeah it's still a standard, and one of those things where you can say, yeah I got an Oscar and everyone will immediately give you some recognition...several of the other awards, people will just wonder what the hell you're talking about.

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