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James Cameron on ‘Avatar,’ ‘Titanic,’ Cleopatra and the Future of 3-D

NYTIME: "Nearly a year after his movie “Avatar” broke box-office records and opened up a floodgate of big-budget 3-D features, James Cameron is still very much immersed in his budding science-fiction franchise and the medium of 3-D filmmaking. On Nov. 16 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will release a special extended collector’s edition of “Avatar” on DVD and Blu-ray, including a longer cut of the film and nearly an hour of deleted scenes, among other bonus features.

But Mr. Cameron would not be the director who once declared himself the king of the world if his ambitions ended there."

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Soldierone4360d ago

Personally his films are ok, but they are not out of this world and he shouldn't be calling himself king of the industry. He just knows how to throw alot of money at a popular genre to make it look pretty. Avatar was nothing original, in fact Disney was already there and done with that story years ago.

3D is just another push, it won't be around forever. I don't think 3D is here yet, and it won't be here until we no longer need to wear glasses to see the effects. Lucky for Hollywood, TV makers are already doing that.

darklordzor4360d ago

Disney isn't the only one who has done that story before. It's a very old story. I agree it's kind of cliche, but at the same time, I think it's the best interpretation this kind of story has had. It was put on an epic scale and done the way it should have been told.

3D is a gimmick, and one I'm getting tired of. Avatar did well with it, but at the same time, Watching it on Blu-ray at home, I don't miss the 3D. I'm not lacking anything.

As far as being King of the industry, I don't think he is either, but he's done a lot in the industry and made some massive changes. He is a trendsetter that's for sure.

Soldierone4360d ago

I personally don't agree with that. I mean sure Avatar looked pretty, but the Disney stories were done way better than it. I mean Furn Gulley and movies like that were absolutely phenominal and didnt need the glamor of special effects to make it good.

If you want to say he is king or leading the industry, then you might as well throw Michal Bay and other directors really good with visuals in that boat with him. Avatar impressed me in a sense that he "imagined" this world and brought it to life, while not original, it had some interesting aspects. But thats film making, all directors do that to a certain extent. His jus thad the attractive blue aspect.

As for 3D, since TV is onboard that ship now it wont last long and Hollywood will need another gimmick to push when sales are down.

darklordzor4359d ago

What I mostly mean by what I said is that like him or not, Cameron is a trendsetter for the industry and whatever he does others are sure to follow, because he is successful. It's hard to deny the impacts he has had on the industry.

Oh and Fern Gulley was a film I watched nearly every day (literally) when I was a kid. Seriously, I ruined the tape on the VHS and had to go buy a new one because I watched it so much!

Soldierone4359d ago

I don't know if thats true or not. I mean with Avatar couldn't you just say he is following Michal Bay? Or any of the other live action Disney movies that went high tech. He didnt set a trend at all with that movie in my opinion, he just once again threw visuals at us and ripped of Dinsey while doing it.

He made a horrible Predetors movie that the fans didn't like, and other than that he only made Titantic. I honestly dont see how his movies are always top grossing films.

darklordzor4359d ago

Cameron didn't do any Predator movies. And what about Aliens, Terminator 2, The Abyss, and True Lies (maybe not so much that one). Those were all great films that he directed.

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