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Brody Sues To Stop Giallo's US Release

Empire: "Adrien Brody clearly wanted to see what it would be like to take direction from Italian horror guru Dario Argento on Giallo. But now it would appear the true horror is the idea that the film, which was slashed by critics and bypassed US cinemas entirely, might actually see the light of day on DVD while he’s still waiting to get paid for appearing in it."

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darklordzor4238d ago

I really hope he gets his money or stops the film. Honestly he didn't get paid that much for it, and when they didn't pay him the first time the amount they were supposed to, he probably should have thrown a bigger fit. Instead he got a good deal saying he could pull the rights away if they didn't pay him. I can't believe the filmmakers would have given him that option and still aren't paying him. They've got some cajones to try that out.

Say what you will about actors, but they do their jobs like anyone else in the world and deserve to get paid what they were told they were going to get paid. Getting stiffed like this is a reason why too many people don't take indie and foreign films as seriously.

Soldierone4238d ago

Alot of actors, mostly new actors, are signed to deals like that. Being an indie film maker we learned about it. Bascially you walk up to them "hey we cant pay you now, we cant tell you when we will pay you, but if we make a profit you will get paid."

The deal lists that the film is for festivals or smaller releases etc...however if it gets sold or distrubuted then the actor gets paid the listed amount. Thus this one thought they could loop hole the actor and didnt get away with it.

darklordzor4238d ago

The problem is, that's not what the deal was originally. They didn't approach him and say, if it makes money we'll pay you. They hired him, and said we'll give you $640,000 to play this role. He agreed and a deal was worked out. Before he began filming they were supposed to have deposited a large sum into his account in order to 'retain' him. A week after filming began, he discovered they hadn't paid him the amount that was supposed to be deposited first. So he got upset understandably and that's when they gave him the second deal saying he could pull the rights to his likeness if he didn't get his money in full.

The entire time, they told him they were going to be paying him regardless. It wasn't and 'if' kind of agreement. I think it was shady on their part, and they just hoped to release it before Brody could really do anything.

On the films I've done, I've made sure to pay all of my actors. It might not be much, but I don't bring people on I can't pay. In film school I learned about stuff like that though, but personally I never liked doing it. I've had more luck with offering people a smaller amount of money instead of a 'if' amount.

Soldierone4238d ago

If that was the contract he signed, then I don't understand why he has to sue? Unless he is sueing for rights, at which case all the money earned to this point goes to him, and he stops the production of further areas until he gets paid.

Either way, the studio is screwed and is going to lose out.

darklordzor4237d ago


Yeah that's exactly what he's doing. The filmmakers didn't fulfill the contract so now they're going to court over it. It's just like any time there's a contract that is broken (like what you'd have in civil court), except on a different scale.

Imagine you loan someone money and they sign a piece of paper saying they'll pay you back. When they don't, what's the best option you have? Going to court. That's what he's suing about, and trying to reclaim the rights to his likeness (as the contract says he can).

Oh yeah the studio is definitely going to lose this one, but that's yet one more reason to make sure you don't promise what you don't have.