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Special Details on Paranormal Activity 2 Released

Knowelty: "Paranormal Activity 2 is the second installment of the popular Paranormal Activity series. Paranormal Activity 2 will open on October 22nd, just in time for the Halloween rush. A short clip was released this week by the publisher, and the content of the clip already has many people asking all sorts of questions. Previously fans only had a small glimpse of the movie through the theatrical Paranormal Activity 2 trailer; the Paranormal Activity 2 clip released this week show a surprising amount of content."

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Soldierone4238d ago

I think this franchise is interesting, not because the films are good, but because of how the studio goes about marketing it and making it a Halloween special.

You have special night screenings, so you can only watch the film at 12 midnight, things like that are cool. Personally I think the first one could of been better, its alot of talking and stupid things happening, that I hope they improved on in the second. If its a prequal all that hope goes down the drain.

We don't want the back story of this, we just want to have fun being scared in the theater for a Halloween experience. Imagine if theme park rides always had to talk about a story, it wouldnt be fun....

elcompa4254238d ago

been the anti-paranormal activity guy. However, I'll be giving the second film a chance, because after seeing the trailers, it has me a lot more interested than the first one ever had me.

Soldierone4238d ago

I'm the same way. Only reason I watched the first is because of the trailers for the second, that and its on Netflix lol. Wasn't that great, wasn't that bad.

elcompa4254238d ago

On top of them capitalizing on the halloween holiday...I'm sure this will be a success as well...maybe even bigger than the first, just as you've mentioned before. I will more than likely give out candy then make my way to the movies

darklordzor4237d ago

I mostly enjoyed the first film from a filmmaking standpoint. I thought they did an incredible job of creating a bunch of tension and anxiousness without ever really doing very much. It wasn't filled with blood and gore, and only a few scare tactics. Most of the fear came from waiting to see what would happen next, because it could have been anything.

That's why I think plenty of people didn't it like too. There was a lot of lead up for nothing that really happened. I was impressed at the ability to create that fear without having to think of inventive new ways to torture people...can't stand those movies.

darklordzor4238d ago

So where is this clip they're talking about? Did they not get the ability to post it on their site, because now they've got me interested in seeing what all the hub bub is about. Could have at least given us a link to the video. Now I'm all too curious, and YouTube has too much crap on there to actually find it.

That's interesting that it could be a prequel though. I've not yet heard the rumor, and I really don't know if that's the best way to go. I also thought we'd see images of the possessed Katie in the first couple trailers standing in the house next to the crib. Is that some other possessed person we're only assuming was Katie at the time? Hmmm...very interesting.

JL4238d ago

There you go. Embedded the clip for you. I don't know what this 8 second thing is they're talking about cause it's longer than 8 seconds. This is the new clip though. Looks very interesting indeed. This one might actually get me out to the theaters to watch (which I rarely do). I loved the first one. While it had some room for improvement, I thought it was a great film. Definitely want to see this. And this clip makes me want to see it even more.

Soldierone4238d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

Its 8 seconds of footage added onto what they already released for the fans. Deep down there is a huge group of people following every step they make with the marketing and making of this film lol.

I might go see it this weekend, its actually interesting and getting me excited.

Edit: Nevermind. Only one of the theaters around me is doing the midnight opening and it's already sold out lol

JL4237d ago

Ah I see. Guess that makes sense.

I'm definitely interested. I liked the first one very much.

Hmm....premieres tomorrow night at midnight. Tomorrow is one of those nights that I actually get off work before midnight. Hmm...I might actually have to go see this tomorrow night. Depending on how tired after work, but I just might (very rare that a movie pulls me out for its midnight opening).

darklordzor4237d ago

Thank you kind sir! I was trying to dig around for it myself, but with all of the other PA2 footage out there, I was having trouble deciphering which 8 seconds were new in what clip. You are a gentleman and a saint!

I actually managed to snag some pre-screening tickets for this afternoon. Not terribly ahead of everyone, but at least I won't have to be up late. Midnight showings are so much harder now with the baby :(

JL4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

No problem. That's what I'm here for.

P.S. I'm jealous. I'd love to get pre-screening tickets. Part of the reason I don't go to the theater often is cause I hate dealing with the ignorant crowds and having to put up with that stuff (much rather kick back on my couch and watch a movie in the solitude of my own home on my big screen with the surround sound going).

darklordzor4236d ago

Yeah, then you might not enjoy the pre-screening tickets. There are so many people there and it's more crowded than usual. It's not too bad if you get there early enough. I just love the theater experience though and will ignore all of the crap for it.

I didn't have any problems getting in, watched it, and must say I really liked it. I think I need to see it one more time before having a definitive yay or nay on it, but I did have a lot of fun, and thought I was going to have to change my underpants a few times.

JL4236d ago

Really? I would figure a pre-screening wouldn't be as necessarily crowded once in the theater. Of course, there's also the added bonus of not having obnoxious teenagers or kids and such.

I guess ideally I like the weekday matinee though. Often times I'll go to a matinee during the week and plenty times I've had the theater to myself (and whoever went with me).

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elcompa4254237d ago

Always there to save the day....totally forgot about it. Had to go to class as soon as I saw it. Been busy with my studies, sweet find JL.