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Zuckerberg Slams His Portrayal in The Social Network

Tech Digest: "Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire founder of Facebook, has spoken out for the first time against his portrayal in The Social Network, the David Fincher-directed biopic surrounding the website's formative years."

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darklordzor3992d ago

Everyone seems to have their own take on how Facebook got founded, and all of these unofficial books come out with their own versions of why it got started. But now the man himself has come out to explain a little bit of what happened, and no one believes him. Truthfully, I'd rather believe the story from the person who lived it, than the dramatized books and movie.

Besides it's glad to finally hear something coming from him on the film. But it's not as bad as what it could have been. He didn't really bash the movie, or tear down his portrayal. He's merely saying quite a few of the facts are wrong. Overall it seemed pretty damn civil.