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Will Carell's Departure Revitalize The Office?

Alex Cronk-Young writes: I can't be the only person that heard about Steve Carell's plan to leave The Office after the 2010 season, and felt mild relief. Not that he isn't a wonderfully talented comedian, and the show isn't one of the best on TV, but honestly, I'm kind of sick of his character.

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darklordzor4360d ago

The only thing I worry about, is them trying to replace him with a character that's even more out there and zany. It would just bring the show down and make it feel more annoying than funny. I think it's the best move for Carrell at this point, but I worry about what they'll do after. It's possible the show could be revitalized, but at this point, maybe it's time for it to fade away and move on as well.

JL4360d ago

I agree. I think it COULD be revitalized, but whether it will be done properly is a whole other matter. At this point, I'm just counting on this being the beginning of the end for the series. It was fun while it lasted though.

Soldierone4360d ago

I think the show hit its climax and its on its way downhill from here. Carrell leaving is like a sure sign of death awaiting the show in one or two seasons. Unless a replacement is extremely good, he is too loved to just be thrown out and not forgotten.

Its the best move for him, since the show really isn't going anywhere anymore and he is becoming a big name actor in the theatres. I think its about time to kiss the show, say thank you, and move on.

tunaks14360d ago

just put dwight in his place and the show will survive.

Ru4359d ago

Even if Carrell was to stay, these shows... hell most every show does not make it past season 5. Storyline either plays itself out too fast, Not enough people are watching it or the Network its on is as dumb as Fox "futurama etc." .

YourFriendQuinn4359d ago

I think it would be best if they didn't try to find a clone of Michael. get someone that has a different style of humor. I think it's be funny to have someone that's actually very intelligent with a sarcastic style of humor.

darklordzor4358d ago

That's exactly what I'm saying. If they try to bring in someone who's the same, or even more off the wall, then it'll fail. They need a change of pace with a new character in order to stay fresh.

Soldierone4358d ago

If the show was built to be a long lasting show, I think changing the crew will work. However people have grown to love this crew and i dont think it will be accepted enough to work. Thus an uphill struggle.

Other shows have pulled it off for years, so I dont know what their plan is. I guess its up to this move to see what happens.