Deep Space Terror for Anne Hathaway and James Franco? New 'Alien' Casting

Bloody Digusting: "Since we're playing the "who's in talks" game, Bloody Disgusting has exclusively learned of two more names interested in joining Ridley Scott's deep space horror Alien. Both Anne Hathaway (Passengers) and James Franco (Rise of the Apes) could be suiting up for the prequel penned by "Lost" scripter Damon Lindelof. Neither are signed on at this point, but you can add them to the long list of potential suiters including Natalie Portman, Noomi Rapace and Carey Mulligan, Twentieth Century Fox is working fast, so expect some official announcements in the coming weeks."

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Cyrus3654236d ago

I like James Franco, he takes his craft seriously, and Anne Hathaway is a pretty face to look at, just depends on how they are going to cash her..can't picture in tough as nails women type like Weaver played in past aliens movies.

Soldierone4235d ago

James Franco is good in some roles, but he isn't a strong actor in other roles. For example, Pineapple Express...Perfect! Spiderman, not so much. You can still catch his in experience and theater like movements in alot of his later films, especially the Spiderman ones. I like him and can't wait to see him improve, but a movie like this is a huge jump that im not sure he can make yet.

Anne Hathaway I never really liked. Isn't a very solid actress and usuelly plays the same parts over and over. I personally don't think she is that hot haha, but she is in thie one purely for sex appeal. So I'm obviously not currently interested.

darklordzor4235d ago

Franco is good to go, Anne Hathaway is absolutely gorgeous (in fact she should wear that shirt she's got on in the picture, everyday). I think either of those people in this film would be interesting to see. I like seeing actors who do mostly drama or 'real' world things suddenly be cast in sci-fi roles. They always seem to do really well.

I'm still hoping that the Natalie Portman rumor turns out to be true though. I'd love to see her in the lead role, but who knows. With filming getting somewhat close hopefully we'll get some confirmations soon.

Cyrus3654235d ago

Agreed on both counts, and yes she should wear that shirt allthe time! ;)

Soldierone4235d ago

At the same time thats also why I think the sci-fi film genre has dipped and isn't respected anymore. They don't really create specific stars for this genre, thus it feels a little off and not working properly.

I think im the only one that doesn't think she is hot? lol Either way, I dont see her pulling this off at all. Predetors barely got away with their cast, they are just lucky the crew could change that much. I don't see anyone beyond Franco making that effort in this one.

Cyrus3654235d ago

I express my concern on Anne on Aliens, depending on role? Is she going to be a helpless/scientist like role, or tough take on all comers role...

darklordzor4234d ago

"I think im the only one that doesn't think she is hot? "

I think you are right sir. Although I'm with you in that I can't imagine her in this kind of film. I think she could do it, but she doesn't have that tough look about her. Franco can handle anything I'm convinced, these days. Honestly I love watching him in films, and thought he was awesome in Spidey 3.

I also can't wait to see him in the new Planet of the Apes films, looks like he's starting to get into Sci-Fi a little.