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Facebook Unplugged: The Social Network Review I GoozerNation

Up until recently, most people had little idea about the man behind the world’s most popular social networking site, Facebook. Even those who knew the name Mark Zuckerberg likely had no real knowledge of how Facebook came to life, and may have romanticized the idea of a brilliant young entrepreneur who rocketed to fame with one golden idea. If you are one of the many who idolized Mark Zuckerberg and his briefly held role as the world’s youngest billionaire, then The Social Network has definitely got some surprises in store for you.

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RyanDJ4238d ago

My wife got me into Facebook, and it's been worth more than I thought it would be. This "history" looks intriguing.

averyzoe4237d ago

It is pretty addicting. The movie is mainly about the creation of Facebook and what Zuckerberg went through at the time.