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The Bourne Replacement

IGN:"Tony Gilroy, the writer-director of The Bourne Legacy, recently stated that neither Matt Damon nor his character Jason Bourne will be back for the sequel; instead the series' fourth installment will follow an entirely new protagonist. So with that in mind, IGN's cooked up a list of young actors that we think would make good successors to Damon's Bourne (or, in the case of one sure to be very controversial inclusion, an actor IGN strongly suspect will be on the studio's short list of replacements). Here are IGN's picks in alphabetical order."

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darklordzor4233d ago

So....How is it a Bourne film without Jason Bourne? I'm still not able to wrap my head around that one. It seems odd, and at this point why not call it something else and have it be the start of a new series instead of the 4th in a franchise?

Absolutely love Chris Pine these days and think he would do a great job, but he kind of looks like Matt Damon, and that's something the studios might not want because some might think he's just replacing Damon as Bourne instead of being an all new character.

Taylor Lautner is laughable for it. Other than that I think there's a great list here. I wouldn't want Pine or Tom Hardy, mostly because I want Pine to be free for Star Trek 2, and I'm still holding out hope that Mad Max will be filming soon so Hardy needs to stay ready.

Soldierone4233d ago

They want that same look because its going to be related to the film. Its not Jason Bourne anymore, its a new story for a new character, but its still going to have the connections to the old character.

Its just like Metal Gear following a differnt Snake or Raiden. Its a new story, but the same universe. Happens alot with franchise films. Granted I dont agree with this move, but it could still work.

JL4232d ago

Yea I think Soldier hit it there. It may not include Bourne in it, but it is still going to be very much connected to the Bourne Universe and seems I've heard it's even gonna somewhat draw some elements from the other books.

I for one though, just not sure you can continue this franchise without Jason Bourne. It's just not the same without Damon in there. They're going to have to seriously up the ante in some way to make me want to see this. Or to make me even see this as being anything more than just a "ripoff" of sorts.

darklordzor4232d ago

Well I've only read the first couple of books in the series, so I'm not sure if something like this happens in there. In the later books, does Bourne as a character go away to be replaced by another? If not, then this movie decision might be even more ill thought out.

Soldierone4232d ago

According to Wiki, Jason at least appears in the rest of the books in the series. So the movie is obviously going to be in its own waters.

darklordzor4231d ago

Thanks for checking on that for me. Now, I'm really sure I don't want to check this one out. Now it's dragging out a series past what the books are doing. I didn't think they stuck with the material well enough in the first place and now they're taking off entirely.

Soldierone4233d ago

To be honest I always saw these films as like a knock off of Mission Impossible, not really more to it than that. I enjoyed them none the less, but they could be better to say the least. I think a new character and new cast is something the franchise really needed. While it seems like a mistake now, and I know alot of people wont give it a chance anymore, it may come out to be something good.

You have to remember the movie isn't about the actor, its about the character.