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Netflix Picks of the Week (10-18-2010)

GameRevolution writes: Daniel goes to the art house, Josh goes to a magical land of dragons, Nick goes to Japan and I go back to school in this weeks round-up of instant queue recommends.

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darklordzor4365d ago

Ugh...Reign of Fire. I had such hopes for that film, but it just sucked. I can't stand to watch it now and see all of that potential wasted on a weak storyline. There could have been greatness in here.

Soldierone4364d ago

I actually really enjoyed that movie. It also generated a pretty awesome game too. I think it was the one where you could choose to be a knight or a dragon.

Soldierone4364d ago

Gotta love Netflix. They are updated it even better now with later movies. They get removed in like a month or something, but at least you get a chance to watch them now. I think the new push by updated PS3 and Wii, along with new systems for the service is making it overall better.