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Transformers: The Dark of the Moon Plot Revealed

A new product description seems to have spilled the goods on the general plot of the new film, but unfortunately doesn't give many actual details.

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darklordzor4365d ago

Hmmmm...It's actually not bad. It's kind of cheesy, but in a comic book way that doesn't seem too bad. I wish there were more details in the description. I want to know how Sam gets involved this time. From the sounds of it, a lot of things will take place in outer space, so how does Witwicky get dragged into this one. We knew Shockwave would be the villain, so no big whoop there, but does this mean we'll get to see cybertron back in action on this one?

So far I remain unimpressed, which is sad because I desperately want these movies to be good.

jwalkerz4364d ago

the Decepticons are on the russian side i bet.

darklordzor4364d ago

Yeah, that's the part that seems so weird to me honestly. It's been a while since we've done the Russian vs. US thing, so it's odd to see it making a comeback in this film. It's not a storyline one really expects to see anymore, especially where a Space Race is concerned. I thought that was over a while ago.

Of course the Decepticons will be for the Ruskies, US already has a Autobot task force.

Soldierone4364d ago

I sure as hell hope they didn't make this a giant political debate again. Im so tired of comic book films going in that direction, then throwing in a bunch of action near the end to make people happy. Its cheesy, boring, and not creative.

If its two countries going at it, then by all means lets have us a war. Leave the politics to another movie that I don't wanna see.

darklordzor4364d ago

But it's Michael Bay, he can't help himself when it comes to stuff like that. Truthfully no director can keep their beliefs out of their films, but that's part of having that creativity and making movies; to share your thoughts and ideas. Remember that scene in the first one on Air Force 1, when the president (Bush) is relaxing in bed and ask for another ding-dong. It's a jibe at the president at the time, and totally unnecessary.

Judging by the plot here, I'd say it might get pretty damn political which sucks. But you know, as long as they leave giant metal balls out of the film, I'll be happy.