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Couch Session: Top 10 Actors Under 30

Couch Potato Club:
It seems, lately, more and more young actors are getting their chances to show their ability on the big screen and prove their worth. More often, you’re seeing them coming out and finally having their huge breakout roles as the younger generation starts making its mark on the film industry and Hollywood. In that spirit, today we choose our top 10 young actors. Those that will prove to be the most valuable to film in the coming years and prove to possibly be the next generation of stars in Hollywood.

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darklordzor4364d ago

Nice list. All of them seem to have some bright futures ahead of them, as well as a surprising bit of talent. Glad to see this new generation coming in, has a chance of improving and resetting the bar for acting, instead of lowering it.

Glad to see Shia on there, after all of the hate you hear about on the Internet it's nice to see people who can recognize that he has talent despite some of his douche bag ways. I like him, and I like watching him and in a movie that's what really matters.

JL4363d ago

Yea, the younger generation definitely has some very nice talent in its ranks. Several of my favorite actors around today are in that group. Gives some very nice hope for the future of film. And another thing about most of them, they seem devoted to their craft. They pick roles wisely and typically bring quality content along with them.

And I definitely had to include Shia in my list here. I've been a fan of him since I saw him in Holes. The boy can definitely act. Sure he's been a bit of a douche at times (I think Spielberg catapulting him to super-stardom went to his head a bit), but he's definitely talented. Like I mention in the list though, I just hope he can go back to at least mixing in some of his The Greatest Game Ever Played and Guide to Saints type roles some more instead of sticking with this strictly blockbuster cliche stuff. It's really not doing him any favors anymore. At this point he's a big name, he gained that from those films. Now he has that name, he needs to go back to doing his serious acting here and there too to remind people why he got where he is. But yes, even in those cliche movies I still like watching him. He's got a certain charm and appeal that he brings to the screen.

Soldierone4364d ago

We have a few that are already big names in the industry. Its really nice to see people moving in and all hope isn't pushed on the already known names kids. There is alot of young talent, i noticed alot of movies are using it too.

Emma is getting big, and she is a great acctres etc... Hopefully this brings in new and creative ideas with it.

JL4363d ago

Agreed. That's kinda what inspired me to sit down and think of this: you're seeing more and more studios turning to the young actors these days and utilizing their abilities and talent.

Some of them here have indeed already made big names for themselves. Ryan Gosling, Shia Labeouf, Jake Gyllenhaal...all household names I think. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt, if not there already, is teetering on the edge of it. As well Jesse Eisenberg is getting a push lately. I think he's one to seriously watch out for. The kid does give me a lot of that young Tom Hanks vibe. Just have to see how he fills out as an actor. Couple of the others may end up being "condemned" to the indie scene (and I use that word lightly cause it's not a bad thing at all), but will undoubtedly be known for their talent amongst those that are "in the know" so to speak.

I think Jamie Bell is the one most likely to just fade away into the background, though he is a talented actor and would like to see him given a real shot. Like I state in the list, something's gotta be said for a kid that wins a BAFTA award in his first 14. Not to mention he had the talent to surmount what many can't...making that leap from child actor to grown talented actor.

Which leads me to should be interesting to watch and see if he can make that transition past child actor as well.

Soldierone4363d ago

I think something that should be noted is the "older" new actors too. I think Lucas Black barely makes it under 30, but he is a great actor that I could see leading several films over the next few years if given the chance.

Another one I thought of is Sean Faris, a remarkable actor and if you look at his face shots he would even make for a good Superman lol.

Also lets not forget all the young talent Disney currently has growing too. If they dont let them all fade away thats plenty of people to look forward to.

JL4363d ago

Oh definitely. For instance 4 of them on my list here barely make it under 30: Gosling, Gordon-Levitt, Foster and Gyllenhaal.

And Lucas Black (28 I think) makes it in my honorable mentions. He's definitely a good actor. Slingblade of course...and I loved his work in Killer Diller. He could definitely do good if given a chance.

There is tons of good young talent out there. The future of cinema is looking very good with these young people lined up and poised to take over the industry.

darklordzor4362d ago

I can't believe Gordon-Levitt is pushing the 30 limit. For some reason I still think he's much younger than that.