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Paranormal Activity 2 Ticket-Buyers to Get Free Download of First Movie

Couch Potato Club:
Fandango has today announced an incentive to buy your ticket for Paranormal Activity 2 through their website. Anyone purchasing an advance ticket for the Paranormal sequel through Fandango’s web service will receive a free downloadable copy of the first Paranormal Activity.

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darklordzor4361d ago

Wow! That's a pretty awesome deal. What a great idea and way to get people ready for the sequel by letting them watch the first one. Not a bad bit of marketing there. Sweet, thanks for the heads up!

JL4361d ago

Yea. It really is a good deal. Unfortunately for me I just bought the first week not long ago on DVD, so I don't really gain anything out of this. But it's definitely a nice way to market it and bring people in.

OnScreen4361d ago

That's awesome! Wish they would do that for the screenings in SA.

darklordzor4361d ago

Is it a regional thing? I thought it was just for buying your tickets online in advance (not for an advanced screening). You should be able to visit Fandango and buy tickets for your theater and be good to go.

JL4361d ago

Yea, it didn't say anything about being regional in the email I got. Just said it was a promotion that Fandango and the studio were doing. You can even go to the movie's site to get in on the deal. So it's at least worth a try to see if you can do it.

Soldierone4361d ago

I miss when tickets would come with goodies too. Remember the whole Pokemon thing?

Too bad this movie is already on Netflix, so it doesnt really matter to me either way lol.

darklordzor4360d ago

Ha! Yes I do remember that, when the kids would get special edition playing cards when they went and got a ticket. Honestly though, outside of that what other films gave stuff away? I get some posters and promo stuff now when I go, but that's only because I get the press stuff and hit the pre-screenings. I can't think of anything in a long time that gave away goodies to everyone.

Soldierone4360d ago

It was in-between a 3D push. They always either do 3D or do something else to help push sales for a given amount of time. So it wasn't in a long while that this has happened.

I remember there were things like coupons to food places the character ate at, the scratch and sniff things, one had dolls or toys or something, the pokemon thing and there were a few others like a trading card or something etc...

I'm sure it will start happening again after the current 3D push is over.

darklordzor4359d ago

The last things I remember getting when buying tickets were movie posters. I have that a few times, but that was nothing special and I don't think had anything to do with the movie studios marketing either. I think those were just promos for the movie theater I was going to.