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Marvel Characters Get Tron-ified

Nerd Reactor writes: Today Marvel sent out a press release, announcing that the upcoming comic book covers would feature Tron versions of their biggest superheroes. This is possibly the best thing to come out of Disney’s acquiring of Marvel Entertainment. The new covers are part of the promotion for Disney’s Tron: Legacy.

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darklordzor4365d ago

Nice, I caught these earlier today and thought they were pretty sweet. It's cool to see how Disney is doing cool little marketing things to incorporate the two properties they have now. It goes a long way towards showing Marvel fans that they aren't going to destroy everything they love about the comics. They're going to be doing some cool stuff and I'm glad to see it all. Let's just hope that the Marvel characters stay out of the next Kingdom Hearts game though...

JoMama4365d ago

If you haven't already, get yourself down to California Adventure and check out ElcTRONica

darklordzor4365d ago

Believe me I would love to. But I'm in Texas with very little chance that I'll be on the side of the States anytime soon. Otherwise I would be there. Instead I got this nice Tron Night IMAX tickets though!

Soldierone4364d ago

Is it cool? Also do they have any Marvel stuff going on now at Disneyland? I don't know if they are allowed to do it or not since Universal also owns some rights and uses Spiderman for their theme parks. Would be cool none the less.

Soldierone4364d ago

I think its still too early to make that call. If Disney did anything dramatic as of right now, they would be put to shame big time. However if they wait it out, make suttle changes, and do stuff over time it wont be frowned upon as much.

I think only time will tell if Disney will take care of Marvel. If not then WB will be the only respectable company left.

Soldierone4364d ago

Wow thats actually pretty sweet lol. Its a nice little limited edition collectors item, but nothing more than that.