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Iron Man 3 Release Date Set - Iron Man 3D Could Still Be Possible

Iron Man 3 is now officially set to hit theaters on May 3rd, 2013. The news comes as Disney (who now owns Marvel) announced that they purchased marketing and distribution right to Iron Man 3 and The Avengers from Paramount Pictures.

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Soldierone3994d ago

Oh god.....thats all I can say. I hated the second one, hate the director doing it, don't think its going in the right direction at all. 2013 please offer me better films than this.

darklordzor3994d ago

Really?! I thought Jon Favreau was doing a really good job of modernizing Iron Man but staying true to the essence of the comic. I didn't like the second one nearly as much and thought there was a lot of missed potential in there. Overall I'm not really looking forward to a 3rd film. While I like the series, I think with the Avengers and the current Marvel onslaught, I just won't care anymore by the time it's released. There're too many adaptations out there right now. The market is too flooded and fans really need a break.

Soldierone3994d ago

Ive always been an Ironman fan and I always saw Ironman differntly than the way he is being portrayed through the movies. Thus Im not enjoying them. That and from a film makers stand point he isn't doing a good job at making movies at all. In fact Michal Bay looks like a king of story telling when compared to these films. Jon has some interesting ideas, but an overall boring scope, and no sense of writing at all.

darklordzor3994d ago

LOL! Nice Michael Bay reference. I guess since I wasn't a big fan of the Iron Man comics, I go into the films with a little different view than most people. As a filmmaker myself, I really don't feel Jon is doing that bad. I don't think boring is the best way to describe it, perhaps, generic (maybe even cliche) but not boring. I agree there are aspects to the story-telling that needs to be fixed, but that's more of a script problem.

Soldierone3994d ago

The things that bug me are like major story aspects he threw in. Like personally any film that revolves around politics is boring to me. Its an easy way out to make an easy story. Not only did he bring in politics, but he made up the politics which to a certain extent is fine, but he went way beyond that. Like he is trying to push Civil War (comics) into a film universe that isn't even there yet.

That and having Iron Man stuck up and "famous" is stupid to me. He never wanted that, all he wanted was a beer at the end of the day. He never wanted to help other heroes ever.

The main issue with Ironman 2 was Black Widow was way more interesting and had a better story arch than the rest of the characters, yet she was in teh film for like 10 minutes total....