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Fans Sway Snyder into Considering Routh for Superman Reboot

A British newspaper claims to have an interview from Zack Snyder about his new Superman film in which he revealed the Brandon Routh will be considered for the Man of Steel once again after seeing an online fan campaign to have him return.

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darklordzor4233d ago

I just don't know what to think of this one. The site is absolutely right when they say many of their papers over there are like Tabloids (and Snyder has been adamant about Routh not being involved), but I guess this could be possible. I for one really hope that Snyder will give Routh some full consideration. I think Routh did a great job and despite what man fans think, he wasn't Superman Returns' problem. I would love to see him make a return to the role.

JL4232d ago

Agreed. Routh was like the one thing that was most right about that movie actually. I would love to see him return for the role. In fact, at this point it just doesn't feel right if he's not Superman.

Soldierone4233d ago

Personally I think its marketing. They havent considered who will be Superman just yet, they probably already picked Routh to return, but won't admit it. Simply to help gain interest in the film, make people go see the film when he is announced, and get a bunch of free marketing. That and they probably want to see how desperate Routh wants the role. Tell him he aint getting it, see how much he begs, see how hard he tries, and see how much of a good actor he is.

I hope he does return and I have no reason to believe he wont.

darklordzor4232d ago

Hmmm...that's an interesting point and might be true. It seems like something they might do to jack up the hype even more (and maybe drop Routh's price tag along to boot). Part of me isn't so sure that he'll get it though. I still think the studios are trying to distance themselves from the other film, and will seriously look into other actors first, but fall back on Routh for the fans' sake just in case.

JL4232d ago

That's why I'm not getting too excited right there. I do think they're trying to distance themselves and truly reboot the franchise. That would be a huge reason not to include Routh. If he shows up it just seems like a sequel to Superman Returns. They don't want that. The same as people saying Tom Welling should get the role in this movie. No. He's already a Superman, having him would just make it seem like it's simply a Smallville movie.

So, I seriously doubt we'll see Routh, but I would love it if we did. If they can't find any other good options and/or fans end up "forcing the studio's hand" so to speak and they do cast Routh, I would be very happy with that.

Soldierone4232d ago

At the same time its not hard to erase it and make it start new. They dont essentially need a new actor to say "hey this is a new superman" like I said in comment to another article, hollywood just needs to be creative.

They can easily make Routh Superman, straight up he is Superman. Sure the story is changed etc...but he IS Superman, thats why he is here. Honestly though hasn't Routh been holding off and fighting for a part in another Superman film since the first one was no longer in theatres? No other actor is going to be dedicated to that part. The only reason he will be replaced is if WB is just as stupid as Marvel and wants a "star strudded" cast for the Justice League movie.

Then again just throw Ryan Reynolds at it, he is good for everything lmao /sarcasm

darklordzor4232d ago

HA! Don't suggest that or someone is going to think that's a good idea. Then if they ever do a Justice League movie Reynolds can be both GL and Superman!

I think JL is on the right track here. As much fan support as there is for Welling, they won't use him because they don't want to give that impression that it's related to Smallville. What they're going to try and do is create their own Superman microcosm, using different lore in order to separate from all other Superman incarnations.

I would love to see Routh come back and think Solider One makes a good point that even with a new story, he can still be Superman. It just depends on which way the studios will jump.

Soldierone4232d ago

Thats it?! They are capable of cloning him and making him all the characters! Even Wonder Woman! haha!

All I'm saying is your talking with WB here, not Marvel. WB knows how to make a star out of everyone and advertise the product not the actor. Look at Batman compared to Iron Man. Batman never advertised "Christian Bale" it made him. Iron man was always "Downey Jr" and never Iron Man. Hell just look at the box arts.

I'm saying fans got upset about Iron Man 2 recasts for known actors and the whole Hulk thing, yet Marvel didn't listen. If enough people cry for Routh, WB WILL listen and he will be in it. I seriously have faith in this prediction lol.

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Soldierone4230d ago

I was just thinking this because of another topic.

what do you guys think of Sean Faris, check his profile out on IMDB. He looks just like Routh and plays similar character styles in his movies.

Kiri4228d ago

I think he has the face, but im not too familar with his work