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Jude Law Shoots 'Sherlock Holmes 2' With Robert Downey Jr.

Production for Sherlock Holmes 2 is finally in full swing and currently filming in London. The first pictures from the set have already started hitting the web and show Sherlock and Watson back together again.

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darklordzor4229d ago

Great team! They were what made the first film so fun to watch. Their constant bickering and banter was fun and wholely convincing. The plot was really only so-so, and filled with a few cliches but seeing those two at each other's throats is what kept me going and made the film enjoyable. Hopefully they don't overdo that relationship though or we'll end up like with what happened to Jack Sparrow. They realized his antics were popular and told him to take it up a notch, and ended up going a little overboard with it. It made him seem too over the top instead of charming and witty.

JL4229d ago

I will say they had great chemistry. There's no doubt about that. And it was very funny watching them together, and will be again this second time around. That being said, I'm a big Sherlock Holmes fan (have all of the Holmes books that Doyle wrote, read them all a few times, etc). Thus I had one problem with the movie: that was not how Watson should be. He was never that way with Holmes. Granted in the most rarest of occasions he might pop off at Holmes (I think maybe once or twice in the entirety of the books/stories). However, for the most part, he had way too much respect for Holmes and admired him and was awed by him too much to really be bickering with him all the time. He was closer to being a lil schoolboy awed and following around his favorite superhero than he was the type to be bickering and bantering with him like they were peers. On top of that, I think they really did a good job with Holmes, however he never was, nor ever would be a "ladies' man" like they tried to portray him in the film.

That being said...definitely looking forward to this.

darklordzor4228d ago

I've read all of the books too, and that's why I actually liked the change in Watson. I thought he was too much of a school boy being led around. He's a doctor so he's obviously not dumb, and I'm glad they gave him a little more of a role than that in the films.

And you're right Holmes was never a ladies man... :)

JL4228d ago

I never had a problem with him in the books. In fact, I thought he was great. In his aside commentary/narration, he'd occasionally make little quips about Holmes, but he always respected Holmes and had that "school boy" thing around him. Though in the most pressing of matters he wasn't afraid to, on the rare occasion, set him straight or tell him like it was.

Never did this persona seem to discredit Watson. He always came across as intelligent and a man that could handle himself. And he was always there to step up when Holmes needed backup, etc. I think the "school boy" thing though really helped show how awesome Sherlock Holmes was (he's so badass lol). Not only this but Watson's timidness and "good boy" routine helped illustrate how Holmes was in fact the quintessential antihero.

But yea, I never thought he came across as dumb in the books. In fact, Doyle did a very good job of ensuring the reputability of his character. This in turn helped show how great Holmes was because someone as even smart and reputable and talented as Watson even was awestruck by Holmes.

Anyways, that's not to say I hated Jude in there. I didn't. Like I said, they had good chemistry. And I really enjoyed the movie. That's more of just a minor gripe that I have as a fan of the books. That it's a change. Much like Holmes being a ladies man in the movie. I didn't care for it because that's not the real Holmes, but at the same time it doesn't at all ruin it for me.

Soldierone4227d ago

I guess its purely because I'm not really a Downey fan anymore, but I didn't like this film. I mean its Sherlock Holmes and there is so much you can do with it, yet they took the basics and put it in a film. Like it still had that feel, but not really.

There are many movies like this where people are searching for clues etc...that I think were done better. More exciting, overall better story etc...I like Sherlock Holmes but this one was a let down for me. Too Hollywood to be enjoyable.