Green Lantern Wins "Most Anticipated Movie" at Scream Awards: First Look at Power Battery

At the Scream awards, Green Lantern took home the "Most Anticipated Movie" award, and gave fans a look at what the new Power Battery might look like in the film. Now an image of the Power Battery straight from the movie.

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darklordzor4237d ago

That's not bad, but not nearly as iconic as what we're used to. It's unique, but I don't think it does enough fan service. Overall I still like it though, and seems to really fit in with what we've seen of the costume too. I just wish it looked more like a lantern.

Soldierone4237d ago

This movie could be really good, but it shouldn't be like other comic book movies. Thats why im so interested in it. The cartoon was fantastic, so the live action one should be ten times better. Hopefully.

darklordzor4236d ago

Oh the cartoon was amazing to watch. I'm more looking forward to being a great sci-fi movie, because at its heart that's really what this story is. So you're absolutely right, this shouldn't be like any other comic book movie. Let's just hope they remember that too!