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Back To The Future (25th Anniversary Theatrical Re-Release) Review - Alternative Magazine Online

Back To The Future is a 1985 science-fiction comedy film directed by Robert Zemekis (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) and produced by Steven Spielberg. Starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, it tells the story of Marty McFly, a teenager who is accidently sent back in time to the year 1955 and must find his way back home. A global phenomenon upon release, it grossed over $380 million worldwide and received critical acclaim, as well as two sequels and an animated TV show. 25 years later, fans now have the chance to see where it all began, digitally remastered in cinemas across the UK and US.

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darklordzor4234d ago

I'm so glad enthusiasm for this film is coming back. It's a childhood favorite of mine and there are so many younger kids who just don't get the references and haven't been treated to these great films. Bringing them back in theaters just gives parents the chance to share this with their children. I just wish my boy was old enough to go.

JL4234d ago

Agreed. Once my nephew is old enough I'm going to get him watching all my childhood favorites like this and Rocky and Die Hard and ET and Indiana Jones and Ghostbusters and The Breakfast Club and Fast Times and all those great Disney movies from my childhood and so on and so on lol. On top of that even the classic before my time (like your Hitchcock movies and such).

darklordzor4232d ago

You know I'm a big Star Wars fan, and my son (who's only 20 months old) will already sit through the films. I guess I watch Star Wars stuff frequently enough that he enjoys them. Right now they're just a bunch of colors and lights for him, but it's cool that he'll plop down on the blanket when I put in Clone Wars or something and be still through it.

That's why I'm excited for the Star Wars 3D re-release, then he'll be able to see them on the big screen too.

Money-Mike4234d ago

Agreed! This is an all-time classic! Easily one of my favorite trilogies. This is one of those rare moments where I'll be repurchasing this on bluray to replace the dvd set. Going 88mph in 1080p!