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DVD/Blu-Ray Releases for the Week of October 19, 2010

Couch Potato Club:
In this weekly feature, we bring you the latest releases on DVD and Blu-Ray for the week.

Featured New Movie Releases:
Predators (DVD/BD)

Also Ultimate Editions of Harry Potter 3 and 4. As well, blu-ray releases for Psycho and Apocalypse Now.

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darklordzor4366d ago

Psycho and Predators are on my list for Blu-Ray. I can't wait to go and pick these up tomorrow. Psycho is just a classic that needs to be on every format possible, and I just had so much fun with Predators, I can't wait to get it home and and journey back to it. I've already got good editions of Harry Potter, and there's nothing I can see in the Ultimate Editions that really call out to me. Gonna have to pass on those.

JL4365d ago

Never been huge into Harry Potter myself, so I'll be passing on those as well. As for Predators...not really sure. I like Brody and all, but Predators was never my kind of thing really. Psycho I'll definitely have to pick up on blu-ray though. Much like I just had to pick up the classic Exorcist on blu-ray recently.