Keith Richards Confirmed for Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Couch Potato Club:
It has been speculated before that Keith Richards would return to Pirates of the Caribbean. However, until now nothing was ever confirmed. We can now confirm that Keith Richards will indeed be returning to the franchise and is currently filming with Pirates of the Caribbean 4. In an interview with Reuters about his music career, the rock legend let it slip nonchalantly that he would be reprising his role as Captain Teague.

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darklordzor4231d ago

Hmmm...That could be fun. I know people made a big deal about him being in the last film as Sparrow's dad, but then his part wasn't really that big. I suspect that it will probably be the same case in this film. A small cameo just to tie things together and be cool for some fans.

Soldierone4230d ago

I love Johnny Depp and Pirates, but they should of let it be after the third one. I hope the fourth one doesnt really carry anything from the past three and goes off on its own story. Otherwise it will be a milk fest and no one will respect the franchise anymore.

darklordzor4230d ago

I never saw the point of this fourth film, and hate that they changed the ending of the 3rd one to allow them to incorporate more in the franchise. It hemmed in Jack's character and didn't actually allow him to grow. It kept him stunted and changed what could have been so incredible to see on screen.

Instead what we got is the same character at the beginning of the first film, as if none of the events meant anything to him. Changing the theme from , 'anyone can be a good man, despite stereotypes' to 'believe all the stereotypes, Jack doesn't change at all'.

Regardless I'm still finding myself growing excited for this film. I loved the sense of adventure and Johnny Depp is an actor I can't help but follow.

JL4230d ago

I definitely enjoy Depp. He does characters better than anyone in the business right now. Always fun watching him. And Sparrow is no exception.

However, I gotta disagree on the "no point in a fourth" mentality there. I'm happy for a fourth. Never knew they changed the ending of the third to allow for this though. But I've had no problems with any of the films thus far.

And from what I hear, this fourth one hear is going to somewhat focus on Sparrow's past. So we'll get more about him and fleshing out his character. Plus, given the nature of all that, we may very well see more of Richards in this one being as you can't really tell a life/family tell about Sparrow without including his dad.

Soldierone4230d ago

They did that alot in this franchise, mainly because its all based off a ride and they didnt know where they wanted to go with it. At first it was supposed to be all about Orlando Bloom, but midway through the first film they realized Johnny Depp is more relatable and easier to sell.

That and it was only made to be one movie. The first is one of the best movies ive ever seen. The other two were kinda just tacked on and had the title mixed in. I loved all of them, they just seem drug out now and its beyond a point where not having a clue on what you want will work. Thus they need a cenrtalized idea, and know what they want to do with the next 3 films. Or they will suck.

darklordzor4230d ago

Yeah that's partly why there were so many questions in the second film that didn't get answered in the third. At World's End was supposed to end the series and that's what Gore Verbinski was trying to do with it. Then Disney wanted to leave it open for a fourth, which meant changing a lot of the script in order to work that in there.

Don't get me wrong though when I say it's unnecessary. I still really want to see it, and am excited for it. By all means, I'm sure to go to the midnight showing, but that doesn't mean I agree with their decision to go through with it. Like the upcoming 300 follow up (Xerxes)...I don't see a point to it, but damn I'm excited.